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Bank Comfort Letter
This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 12:59:32 AM
Please fill in details print out and fax back to Australia on ( 61+7 ) 3290 2481 or fill in details and Submit
This document remains the property of Celestial Industries Pty ltd for its own personal & business use.

To Beneficiary via your Company

Please note that we (bank name) With Full banking responsibility, hereby confirm that our client (buyer's name) with account number is financially able to initiate the transaction involving purchase of (quantity and product name)
During the next (period of time). We understand that the shipment face value of the Needed Irrevocable confirmed (terms of payment) RLC, DLC, SLC  Letter of credit payable at sight will be US$ dollars per shipment and the total value of the transaction (period of contract length) will be US$ dollars.

We certify only that (buyers name) has sufficient funds on the account and sufficient line of credit with our bank to complete the above transaction. We guarantee that the payment (RLC, DLC, SLC) to be used for this transaction and will revolve from shipment to shipment duration of the contract should our above mentioned customer wish us to do so. We also certify that future transaction wuill be made on the base as the payment by (terms of payment)

We have been informed by our client (buyers name) that he hereby gives permission to the seller to conduct a sift probe on his account.



Authorised Signature


Account Name  
Account Number

Account Officer 

Bank Phone Number
Bank Fax Number   

Bank Telex Number 
Bank Swift                


Name of Signature
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