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This document remains the property of Celestial Industries Pty ltd for its own personal & business use.
Legal documents by R.P Emery & Associates Updates: 

This Agreement is made on , ,  
between ,Seller, of 
             (Name of Seller)

            (Address of Seller)
, City of ,State of 
, and ,Buyer, of
            (Name of Buyer) 
, City of 
(Address of Buyer) 
State of .
The  Seller  now  owns  the  following described real estate,
located at, City of 
 State of :

For  valuable  consideration,  the  Seller agrees to give the
Buyer an exclusive  option  to  buy  this  property  for  the
following price and on the following terms:
1.  The Buyer will pay the Seller $ for this option.
This amount will be credited against the  purchase  price  of
the  property  if  this option is exercised by the Buyer.  If
the option is not exercised,  the  Seller  will  retain  this
2.  The option period will be from the date of this Agreement
until , ,  at  which  time  it
will expire unless exercised.
3.   During  this  period,  the  Buyer  has  the  option  and
exclusive right to buy the Seller's property mentioned  above
for  the purchase price of $.  The Buyer
must notify the  Seller,  in  writing,  of  the  decision  to
exercise this option.
4.  Attached to this Option Agreement is a completed Contract
for the Sale of Real  Estate.   If  the  Buyer  notifies  the
Seller,  in  writing,  of the decision to exercise the option
within the option period, the Seller and Buyer agree to  sign
the  Contract  for  the  Sale of Real Estate and complete the
sale on the terms contained in the Contract.
5.   No  modification  of  this  Agreement  will be effective
unless it is in writing and is signed by both the  Buyer  and
Seller.  This Agreement binds and benefits both the Buyer and
Seller and any successors.  Time is of the  essence  of  this
agreement.   This document, including any attachments, is the
entire  agreement  between  the  Buyer  and   Seller.    This
Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of 

 (Signature of Seller)                   

   (Name of Seller)                      

 (Signature of Buyer)     


     (Name of Buyer)