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Australian Flat Packed Housing
This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 01:03:39 AM

Introduction Page

Photos (Outside)

Photos (Inside)

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We have traditionally used our shipping containers for emergency housing
and then done fit outs for workshops, accommodation and or toilets

...............    now we have something that's ahead of its time

The photo above shows Two (2) self contained units being transported together
using our unique locked in system.

Flat Packed Housing ........ We suggest you click onto the photo pages
its self explanatory no matter what language you speak.

(click Outside for external perspective click Inside for internal perspective)

The photos provided are of the ensuite units from collapsed form through erection
to the finished item.

These units can also be joined in width or length dependant on requirements
for things such as amenities or mess modules.

The basic unit for bunk type housing would be as you see in the photos
minus the ensuite with air-conditioning.

All the single units come totally insulated and are fire and cyclone rated.

They also are compliant with Australian Regulations.

Internally they have the same dimensions as a sea container
but are 2.9 metres high not 2.5 as in a standard 6 metre unit.

The principal idea with these modules was to provide good accommodation
and be cost efficient for transportation by nesting them in units of 3 with ensuite
and furniture complete to form a sea container that could be erected close to
or at the point of use.

(The basic insulated unit only is nested as 4 units per 20ft container without ensuite)

You can use these units for
Office, Workshops,  Laboratory, Mining Site, Eco- Village, Outback, Work Camp,
Special Events, Holiday Home, Fishing Lodge, Photographic Studio and Dark Room,
Smoko Room, Extra Bedroom

Priced in Australian Dollars $ FOB Brisbane