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This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 01:03:53 AM
A price guide to purchasing products for your NEW home Owner builders price ( Australian) AUD$ FOB Brisbane

A frequently asked question from World Wide customers. Can we give them some guidance on how much it would cost for toilets, vanities, kitchens, hot water systems ...etc.
So in your interests, we give you a working price for products. Ex AUD$ FOB Brisbane.
For labour price we give you our opinion based on Australian conditions where we are actually building in Australia. (Obviously these prices may not be workable in your part of the world )
Prices were valid 30th June 2004, its 2006 and we see no need to update rather we concluded it would be far better to leave this page as a costing sheet as a base for you to work out your local costs.

Concrete slab ( Subject to soil test ) House AUD$ 120 per M2
Concrete slab ( Subject to soil test ) Verandah AUD$ 100 per M2
Footings for brick ( Subject to soil test ) AUD$ 73 per liner Metre
  Kit Cost Labour Cost
House Steel Floor System
Ply. frame, 600mm stumps
AUD$ 99 per M2 AUD$ 49 per M2
House Steel Floor System
Ply. frame, 2400mm stumps
AUD$ 97 per M2 AUD$ 60 per M2
Verandah Steel Floor System
Timber flooring, shot edge, frame, 600mm stumps
AUD$ 95 per M2 AUD$ 61 per M2
Verandah Steel Floor System
Timber flooring, shot edge, frame, 2400mm stumps
AUD$ 109 per M2 AUD$ 72 per M2
Electrical ( Small kit up to 140 M2 ) AUD$ 2530
  ( large kit ) AUD$ 2875
Plumbing Includes all pipe/taps plus fittings. 1 Bathroom AUD$ 4800
  20m storm water & 20m sewage. 2 Bathroom AUD$ 5760
ALL Septic AUD$ 1920
Extra to Water tank and stand (5000 Gal ) AUD$ 2160
Bathroom Water pump AUD$ 600
Costs Hot water system AUD$ 864
  Toilets each AUD$ 300
  Shower with screen AUD$ 540
  Vanities AUD$ 360
  Bath AUD$ 300
  Shower / bath with screen AUD$ 720
  Laundry tub single AUD$ 300
  Stove from Chef Australia AUD$ 720
  Hot Plate from Chef Australia AUD$
  Wall Oven from Chef Australia AUD$
Kitchen Cupboards Minimum allowance includes sink AUD$ 2400
Tiles Supply & Fix 1 bathroom AUD$ 1440
  2 bathrooms AUD$ 1920
Supply Tiles   AUD$ 48 per M2
Finishing Architrave skirting apart from doors-floor area AUD$ 19 per M2
Erect kit to lock up AUD$ 50 per M2
Painting Total floor area AUD$ 54 per M2