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Selling Terms 

This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 01:03:56 AM

We sell in Australian (AUD$) Free on Board (FOB) Brisbane this means that we have packed house in shipping container and delivered it to Brisbane wharf and paid to have it loaded on vessel. We can revert with price to transport shipping container to main port or inland bond store (such as what happens to Canada, USA, UK, Europe customers) to see if we go to your part of the world Check New Zealand Shipping World Wide Shipping Destinations

These International Trade Terms will reveal to banks and shipping companies who is responsible and accountable at what stage of the purchase.
So rather than waste every bodies time the international business world has the Letter of Intent  this on-line form tells us that you are ready to do business.

The next form is the Bank Comfort Letter this on-line form tells us that your bankers confirm that you have the money.

The next step is for us to fill in the Pro-Forma Invoice and send it to you. You take this pro-forma invoice and present it to your bank and your bank will issue a letter of credit, which comes to their reciprocal bank in Australia who advise us and gives us the Letter of Credit

We read the letter of credit and see if we can meet your requirements, we will advise if you need to make amendments or adjustments to production and or shipping dates or anything else.

Once the amendments are done.

We put the house components into a shipping container deliver it to the wharf pay the shipping company to obtain bill of lading / waybill and submit all documents to the bank.

The bank reads the letter of credit and confirms that we have performed everything asked for in the letter of credit and we get paid and you get the goods.