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This page was last updated on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 12:13:26 AM

This is the best product for win 3.1 / Dos based machines
obviously the hardware and software have moved on since this program was written in the 90's

So its with regret that we can no longer sell this wonderful product
on win 95, 98, 2000, 2003, ME, XP

For Sale - SmartSound

Radio station software that turns a
standard computer into an
automatic radio studio

Software that has been produced in Australia for Australian conditions,
fully tested by Radio FM 88 Springwood

Australian Customers AUD$ 1,650.00
Overseas Customers Plus postage & handling

This product is the bees knees if you operate on a stable platform like Windows 3.1
In fact it goes like clock work, bugger all maintenance 
(in other words its bloody fantastic)

When we went to operating systems like Win 95 it was shit house (Win 95 kept crashing) then after jigging around with operating systems like Win NT or Win 2000 (which meant buying new equipment and software) we couldn't get it to work so we gave up on Smartsound and gone to another product.

However as I said if you have Win 3.1 this product stands out alone as the market leader

For information regarding SmartSound inbuilt software features -
Simply click to any of the topics mentioned below or 
click to Software Features


Contact Celestial Industries Pty Ltd

Address    P.O Box 732 Springwood Qld  4127 Australia
Fax Intl  61 + 7 3290 2481
Phone    Intl    61 + 7 3808 1200
or ph in Australia 07 3808 1200

Purchase order at top of page