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Privacy and confidentiality is required if you wish to inherit an on going business that's bringing in good returns. Idle talk, gossip and rumours of your new business for sale impacts on your future bottom line ... so if you ring me and want information over the phone .. tough titties you're not going to get it  

If you have genuine interest please email with full name, address, land line, fax, email and mobile number .. and advise if you are the decision maker (we are not here to waste your time or more importantly mine)

We have station owner willing to set up an ethical trust for superannuation fund managers or mums and dads or individuals and place his stations in that trust and then roll out a number of ethical radio stations.
Basically a business that puts people (humanity) and animals first before huge capital returns. "profit in humanity"

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Fully Equipped
License to operate from the Australian Government
1 Automatic Computerised Radio Studio
Using IBM compatitable computer operating on radio station software program
Pre programmed with 600 music tracks time calls, FM 88 or FM 87.6 station IDs
1 x Omni directional antenna
1 x 5 /or 10 watt transmitter
50 metres of ( RG 213/U ) cable from Transmitter to Antenna
1.8 metre cable & connections from Computer to Transmitter
1 x Shure SM 58 microphone

Does not include
Tower                                                 Early license renewal to Government
Power Source                                       Advertising
Rent & Electricity                                  Phone or fax
Staff or Labour                                     Set up costs to install on transmitting site
Music Library                                         
Negotiations with land owners or land lords on terms of access & agreement to use transmitting site

Depending on your stations format to meet your codes & conditions of the Australian Broadcasting Act 1992
We can supply you music tracks from the 50s, or 60s, or 70s, or 80s or 90s or Country on your computers hard drive.
Please contact us by phone, fax or email and tell us your preference.