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This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 01:05:39 AM
Trade Bulletin Board ! Shipping Bulletin Board !

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Tuesday 22.02.11 Christchurch hit with 6.3 earthquake at 12.51 pm local time
(epicentre was 10 kms to the South in the Port of Lyttelton)

As at 25.02.11 the port's web site is up and running with updates

Christchurch is now a Force Majure transaction for FCL & LCL cargoes.

Our share a container cargo which goes direct into Lyttelton will be rerouted via other NZ ports (either Auckland or Wellington) and trucked into South Island bond stores that you booked and paid for ie.. Nelson, Timaru, Dunedin, Invercargill and (Christchurch to be assessed as to what is available to us, it may be that you will have to Customs & MAF clear cargo at the ports of Auckland or Wellington, that will allow us to deliver your goods as free goods into any general warehouse or mini store basically whatever is going to be available in Christchurch)

Our Container ships we will reroute into the Port of Timaru, NZ Customs and MAF clearance and or inspections will take place in Timaru.

Our car ships from Australia have access to the general cargo wharf
The first car ship will be calling Lyttelton on Saturday 26th Feb

We have no information on road / rail other than the Lyttelton tunnel is closed. We suggest you get your updates from

May 2010  Australia's mining industry ringing to get freight rates to move mining equipment off shore .. most be in reflection to Australia's Federal Labour Government recent 40 % tax hike is mining profits
Jan 2006  ... Egypt
This is interesting feedback about the dramas of clearing your cargo in Alexandria

Hi Jeff,

Hope all is well with you. My shipping arrived on the 11th. They never phoned Mohamed until after I had tried to phone them and ask about it. Have had two trips so far to Alex - wading through incredible formalities and government buildings. I was almost totally ignored in negotiations.
All talk in Arabic to Mohamed who had to provide proof of his existence, a photo I. D. Customs apparently want to empty out every box - regulations. Understandable but they won't let me be there. Hope they don't wipe anything.

The agent we have is well in with the Customs (called gumruk in Arabic) so with a bit of well-placed baksheesh, all MAY be well. I actually went to the Bond Store. Dozens of mighty trucks coming and going. I had to stay in the car. No women allowed. Men only work there. So I was given tasty food, a cup f tea and I had a short sleep and left Mohamed to do the talking. He actually was allowed to see the 2 pallets with my boxes on. They ARE THERE! In 2 or 3 days the Agent will phone Mohamed and THEN we take the big ute to Alex, 2 and half hours drive, but splendid straight road, and we bring everything home. There is no way I could have done this alone and I am so grateful Mohamed was with me, plus two more of his friends, one who knew the back alleys of Alex.

Pass this info on to anyone else sending gear to the Near or Middle East. They need a MAN who speaks both languages - and a lot of patience. But it CAN be done with perseverance.

Regards - Zella

Dec 2005
Australian Customs rejects industry representatives from Shipping, Transport, Customs Brokers, Importers to introduce the new Customs Integrated Reporting in non-peak importing season (end Jan 06) and plows on with their 12th October 05 implementation date.
What a disaster to importers, transport and shipping companies, the only one making bucket loads of money are the stevedoring companies P&O and Patricks through Storage.
Class action needs to be taken against Customs Department to cover staff overtime, loss of goodwill between importer and his/her customs broker, storage, transport detention (waiting time) container demurrage

Why we do not accept personal effects inside vehicles on our car ships

The car ships call into terminals that are very close to the CBD of major cities.
It's been decided that loading vehicles with personal effects is not a viable option, the perception is that the goods could actually be guns / explosives / dirty bomb.
Once a vehicle is taken on board a car ship you can walk around the various car decks
(you can't do this with container ships) and open up your vehicle and get your guns and take over the ship.

One of the reasons why we don't use The Port of Cairns

Recently one of our clients an Australian Exporter shipped Seven (7) containers containing machinery and plant to assist in the construction, repair and maintenance to the Freeport mine in Iran Jaya. When they completed the job naturally they shipped everything back to Cairns the base port for the Freeport mine.

Well what a disaster.

Firstly there is no shore cranes or straddle carriers or large forklifts to move 40ft containers around the wharf so the ship had to slide down the dock to place the containers onto the wharf using the ships crane.

Secondily there was no inspection stand to place container containers off the ground so that AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) could inspect the containers for Elephant Snail / Beetle.
So one had to be transported from Townsville to Cairns and our client had to pay for that.
The Cairns Port Authority don't have the equipment and neither does the Stevedore
Go figure that one out ???

Thirdly The containers had to be fumigated and after fumigation the doors were swung open to allow the Methyl Bromide to disperse over the weekend. In the meantime Cairns had more than its fair share of tropical rainfall that weekend which saw containers saturated with water and the water residue flow out of the containers and into Cairns Inlet.

Fourthly AQIS said they wanted to inspect the goods, which meant we needed to go to a licensed bond store for unpack....... although we could have used the wharf ...
AQIS said at the inspection, if they deemed that the machinery needed washing then there was a possibility that remnants within the containers would have flowed off the wharf and into Cairns Inlet .. well we know that happens

..... now this is why you don't use the Port of Cairns

There are two licensed bond store facilities in Cairns
1) Tong Sing
2) Hastings Deering

We wanted Hastings Deering because they deal with machinery (which is what we have got) and they have Wash Bay facilities to steam clean machinery if required by AQIS.

However we could not do that because AQIS had given Hastings Deering ...
.... wait for it ... an unpack and wash license

We had to take our 40ft & 20ft containers to Tong Seng because AQIS had given them...
.... wait for it ... an unpack and inspect license

So at a cost of A$20,000.00 plus plus to our Queensland based Australia company

we had to get containers taken off Cairns wharf,
carted to Tong Sing bond store
get them unpacked and inspected
only to find YES they needed washing

so cargo was repacked into containers
carted from Tong Sing to Hasting Deering
for unpack and wash

I tell you, it's too stupid for words
"Smart State" I don't think so

We have been offered a first parcel of 5000mt ammonium sulphate in bulk from Fremantle for discharge Nacala. Terms of business to be either LIFO or other basis offered by owners for discussion. Vessel should be self geared and details in her specifications  should confirm that the gears on board are in good working order. Payment to be L/C at sight The cargo is ready for shipment earliest..

Dear Sirs,
We are looking for Breakbulk vessels/ ships for carrying Cement in regular business every month from Biringkasi Port of South Sulawesi Indonesia to :

1. Mongla Port of Bangladesh - Quantity max : 15,000 MT per shipment.

2. Chittagong Port of Bangladesh - Quantity max : 25,000 MT /shipment

3. Taichung port of Taiwan - Quantity max : 25,000 MT/shipment.

If You are in position please offer the best rate

4 / 04 / 03
Seeking a vessel to carry regular monthly consignment ex Cairns to either a) Phuket (Thailand) or b) Male (Maldives)
2 x 11m L x 5.8m W x 1.5 H @ 2 tons each
1 x 12.4m L x 3.0m W x 3.0m H @ 3.5 ton
1 x Container - 40' high cube
Shipments to start from May 2003
8 08 02
People often ask for credit in the shipping industry here is an example of why the industry does not provide credit even to commercial companies 

The New Zealand company is 
Macau Motors 
1100 Great South Rd 
Westfield, Otahuhu, Auckland NZ
The owner is Steve Beston 

On the vessel Bunga Teratai v1061 ex Brisbane to Auckland 
Bill of lading  BNEAS407403 
shipped on board Brisbane 17th March 02 
One ute tray 1.903 cbm / 100 kgs 
Our account to Macau Motors is A$ 402.54 

Steve comes across as the genuine article, his supplier for his 4 x 4 parts comes from Hervey Bay in Queensland. 
Delays of 3 weeks are encountered from his supplier Steve not a happy little vegemite with phone calls to us on a number of occasions asking us to chase his supplier. Goods eventually arrive and shipped out in the week they arrive in Brisbane.

It's now 8th August and still no money, you have to ask yourself would you do business with this man
if you do  .. ask for all your money up front and certainly wait till the cheque has cleared before you hand over your goods. 
In our case we are only talking about A$ 402.54 .. its not as if we are playing for sheep stations ...
You have been warned. 
Mind you when or if he does pay we will let you know..

We are looking for ocean going vessel leaving Auckland after America's Cup going to WCUSA to carry the following motor cruiser 21.12 m long x 6.75 m wide x 3.6 m high 513.22 cbm / 150 mt
please use form at bottom of page
We are seeking interest for ship owner with bulk facilities to call into the Port of Kurumba to pick up 10,000 mt of grain 
Please advise minimum parcel ie 1,500 mt or 2,000 mt and whether you have on board self loading / discharging capabilities
please use form at bottom of page

Exporters to East Timor 
Informed sources in Darwin are saying the U.N are taking 8 to 12 months months or more to pay their Bills / Account, can you afford to carry an account for that long. 

In fact the Northern Territory hasn't been paid for water treatment plant they put in 3 years ago.
Remember Morris Catering from Yatala in Qld who got the U.N contract in Somali. 
Mr Morris was kidnapped and then killed by locals because the U.N after 2 years still owed Morris Catering 70 % of their outstanding account.
Moral of the Story .. make sure you can put food on the table for your workers and their families before you work for the U.N

Thank you for sorting out Brennan's. I finally picked up my boxes today....several ripped and crushed, but mostly intact I think. Anyway, I'm over here, with some of my personal effects, and I want to thank you all at Australia Trade for your patience and diligence. You made an anxious experience much more enjoyable. Thank you! Max Overton  
Talk about Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk. Here's a Warning to all New Zealanders , South Australians and Christians to watch out for these so called Christians !
"Robin & Gloria Gates" a Christian Missionary family of the Lodge 130 Wright Street In Adelaide had their goods shipped from Adelaide bond store, South Australia to Auckland bond store. on the vessel Fanal Mariner v 202 in December 1999 28 items or 6.3 cbm of Personal & Household Effects was received and delivered for a freight invoice of A$ 1090.00
" Robin & Gloria Gates" of 20 Newton St, Ngaruawaha (Hamilton / Huntly district) New Zealand BECOME  the FIRST New Zealanders in the History of New Zealand Shipping  who believe THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY to have their personal effects shipped from Adelaide to New Zealand because they work for GOD.
To all Genuine Christians Please Pray For Their Soul, and get them to pay their DEBT !
They May Not Realise It BUT they Could be Batting for the Other Side.
Cargo, tramp or liner ship owners do you have provision to carry Passengers, we get 3 inquiries per week seeking information on passenger cargo ships, please advise vessels name, lloyd numbers, rooms available, contact name, phone, fax, email, booking details, ships sailing schedules and cost
We recently contracted a Brisbane container transport company to deliver a 20ft container, wait whilst container got packed and return to Brisbane wharf terminal before 9 pm. The transport company turned up at Broken Heads N.S.W between the hours of 5 to 5.30 am on a Friday morning. The driver rang the shipper on his mobile phone stated he was outside the job, ready to start packing his container, no fore warning. Then the transport company had the hide to charge waiting / demurrage time until the shipper got out of bed and turned up on the job. Is there anybody else who has had the same experience and wishes to share .
It has become common practice with shipping operators ( eg... ANZDL) to do away with Arrival Notices to advise Consignee or Notify Party that their cargo will be available from such and such place ( ie.. name of wharf or bond store) from the following day. For personal shippers of cars / boats / caravans / motor homes / trucks or containers this means moving into VERY high wharf storage costs until you get your customs & quarantine clearance sorted out. The current wharf rates storage at Patricks in Brisbane are First 3 days FREE next 3 days A$35.00 per day Next 3 days A$50.00 per day thereafter A$80.00 per day. These storage rates are higher than CBD rents
We have recently had customers bring containers of personal effects / household goods into Australia, we have recommended that they fumigate containers at the port of loading, so that we can speed up the clearance, without the need for an unpack at the licensed bond store. I regret to say that Quarantine are asking that all containers of personal effects be unpacked with or without Fumigation. To assist your fumigating contractors we are putting up the Australian Quarantine (DPI) requirements. Please note they are calling for a minimum of 24 hours of Methyl Bromide based on temperatures prevailing at the time of fumigation.
Many people have asked New Zealand Shipping if they carry passengers, like they used to in the old days, sadly we do not. However we have decided to use this bulletin board to ask if you know of shipping companies who still carry passengers, if you do. We require contact name phone / fax / email and countries and ports they visit and what would be the likely cost for 1 or 2 person
We are seeking owners wishing to sell or time charter landing barges with bow door ramps. Barges must be able to handle 50 m/t plus weight across bow doors, have a bow door width of a minimum of 4.5 metres, have ocean going registration for work in the Pacific Islands, have power plugs to handle 20ft refrigerated containers at temps of minus 18 degrees and carry assorted 20ft & 40ft container stock plus Breakbulk and drive on cargo plus accomodation for crew, supercargo and passengers. Please supply vessels specifications, fuel capacity & range, speed when empty and full, cargo capacity, crew numbers. Fax Australian Trade & Shipping in Brisbane .(61+7) 3290 2481

Recently we had a vehicle 1 x 1995 Falcon Ute imported from the Port of Lyttelton ( Christchurch, NZ ) on the Ro / Ro vessel Rotoma v 636 w. The car was made available from 24th to 29th July 1998, however due to problems associated with Australian Customs, the car finally got its clearance and left the wharf on 11th August 1998.

NOW wait for this, the stevedore company " Patricks " charged AUD$ 815.00 for wharf storage for 13 days on the wharf. They say you get the first 3 days free, next 3 days at AUD$ 35.00 per day, the next 3 days at AUD$ 50.00 per day and thereafter AUD$ 80.00 per day.  These rates are for CARS..hate to see what it would be for 20ft or 40ft containers.

The MORAL of the STORY either get an underbond movement from Australian Customs and get your vehicle moved to a bond store OR ask the shipping company to MOVE to another stevedoring company OR put your cargo with a shipping company that doesn't use " Patricks "

We are looking for a licensed 17 B bond store that has Quarantine approved wash bays in the Port of Newcastle. Recent events indicate that the Port of Newcastle can not handle the new container / break bulk / Lift on Lift off shipping service provided by A.A.L. On the Cape Baron v1 ex Hong Kong which arrived in Newcastle on 3rd July 98 an Australian made Titon ABG paving machine returning to Australia after completing the new Hong Kong airport runway, was held up for over 2 1/2 weeks by a lack of Quarantine officers and more importantly a lack of Quarantine facilities. If you have information that can assist other shippers and consignees about the Port of Newcastle please email using form at end of page

Further to this story, Quarantine say they have the man power, its that the hold up was at Toll Transport apparently the closest Customs & Quarantine Facility to Newcastle wharf.

For the record Toll Transport in Newcastle charged AUD$ 2,860.00 to steam clean this paving unit, when a similar paver owned by the same customer, shipped in from the same job ex Hong Kong was brought into the Port of Sydney ..the charge for steam cleaning was AUD$ 290.00
That's a vast price difference.

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