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Here is a guide to the owner of the shipping container.
The prefix can be found on the shipping container before the container number
Prefix Owner Prefix Owner
ACLU Atlantic Container Line ACTU Associated Container Transportation (Australia)
ADCU Flexi Van Leasing
New York
AEIU American Export Lines Inc
AJCU Australia Japan Container Line ANB Australia National Line
ANBU ABC Containerline Antwerp ANC Australia National Line
ANE Australia National Line ANF Australia National Line
ANR Australia National Line ANNU Australia National Line
ANZU Danzas SA Paris ASGU Anglo - Soviet Shipping England
ASLU Australia Straits Container Line BKLU The Bank Line
BLPU Bridge Line BSLU Blue Star Line
CAMU Cunard Steamships London CATU CATU Containers SA Geneva
CCCU Compass Container Line CLIU Container Lloyd (USA)
CGMU Compagnie Generale Maritime CHSU Chep Handling Systems
CILU Container Investment Leasing  Zurich CLBU Container Leasing AG Basle
CLGU Contship Container Lines CLIU Container Lloyd (USA)
CLOU CLOU Container Leasing GmbH CLSU Container Leasing Services London
CNEU Canadian National Railways Montreal CONU Contrans Gesellschaft Fur Containerverkehr Hamburg
COSU China Ocean Steamships China CPPU Canadian Pacific Montreal
CSSU Crusader Swire Container Services London CSYU Textainer Equipment Management SFO
CTAU Cooltainer Services CTIU Genstar Container Corporation
CTUU CTC (Equipment) AG Basle CWSU Containerworld Leaing Southampton
DANU Danzas SA Switzerland DEDU Interpool Equipment Management SFO
DLLU Textainer Equipment
Management SFO
EAB Australia National Line
EAC Australia National Line EACU East Asiatic Co Copenhagen
EAE Australia National Line EAF Australai national Line
EAR Australia National Line EKLU Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha
( K Line ) Kerr Corporation
San Francisco
EICU Containerworld Leasing Southhampton EMCU Evergreen Marine Corp Taiwan
ESSU K Line Japan FBZU Fairbreeze Shipping Co
FFFU Freightways (Overseas) Manchester FLXU Itel Containers International USA
FRCU FRC Financement et Relocation S.A FRSU Fairbreeze Shipping Co
FSB Australia National Line FSC Australia National Line
FSE Australia National Line FSR Australia National Line
FVIU Flexi Van Leasing
New York
GCDU P&O Containers
GLCU Flexi Van Leasing
New York
GLSU Zim Israel Navigation
Tel Aviv
GMEU Global Equipment Management
San Francisco
GSTU Genstar Container Corporation
San Francisco
HAMU / HLCU Hapag Lloyd
HTMU Lu Hai Developing
Hong Kong
HDCU Hung Dao Container Joint Stock Co.    
ICCU ICCU Containers Italy ICIU Intermodal Equipment San Francisco
ICSU Transamerica Container Leasing USA IEAU Intermodal Equipment San Francisco
IKKU ICCU Container Fleet IKSU Transamerica Container Leasing USA
INBU Interpool USA IOLU Textainer Equipment
ITLU Itel Corporation
San Francisco
JLCU Johnson Line A.B
JLLU Nippon Liner System JLSU Joon Liner Services
JSSU China Navigation London KNLU Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
LANU Catu Containers Switzerland LPIU Leasing Partners Netherlands Antilles
LTIU Lloyde Triestino
MLCU Matson Leasing
    MNLU Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
MSKU Maersk Sealand    
MOLU Mistui OSK Lines
MSCU Mediterranean Shipping
NCLU Interocean Leasing NEPU Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
NICU Nippon International Container Service NLSU Nautilus Leasing
San Francisco
NOLU Neptune Orient Lines Singapore NOSU Neptune Orient Lines Singapore
NUSU Neptune Orient Lines Singapore NYKE Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo
NYKR Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo NYKU Nippon Yusen Kaisha Tokyo
NZLU New Zealand Line OCLU P&O Containers
OCPU P&O Containers OOLU Orient Overseas Containerline Taiwan
PACU Pacifica Shipping
New Zealand
POLU Polish Ocean Lines Poland PSBU Contship Container Lines
PXCU Phoenix Container Lines Hong Kong RILU Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
RLAU Australian Reefer Leasing RODU Government of Mauritius Port Louis
ROYU Nedlloyd Lines SACU Scan Carriers Hovik Norway
SAFU South African Marine Cape Town SAMU South African Marine Cape Town
SCDU Sea Containers
New York
SCIU Sea Containers
SCLU Sea Containers
SCPU Seaco Pacific
Hong Kong
SCXU Sea Containers
SEAU Sealand Services
New York
SISU SSI Container Corporation
San Francisco
SSLU Shaw Savill & Albion London
SMZU United Container Systems (Germany)    
STTU Shirstar Container Transport UK SUDU Hamburg Sudamerkanische Hamburg
SUNU Suntory Osaka SUKU Interocean leasing
SVTU Sojuzvenshtrans
TCLU TCL Tankcargo Container New York
TSCU Trans Container Leasing Basel TEDU Teco BmbH Hamburg
TEXU Textainer Equipment TLEU Contship Containerline
TOLU Trans Ocean Leasing
San Francisco
TPHU Tiphook Container London
TRIU Triton Container
San Francisco
UACU United Arab Shipping Liverpool
UASU United Arab Shipping Liverpool UCLU Unicorn Lines
UCSU Unicontainer Sri
UFCU Itec Containers Intl
USCO Union Steamship Co of NZ  Wellington USLU United States Lines
New York
UXXU United Container Systems (Germany) UCSU United Container Systems (Germany)
UYLU United Yugoslav Lines Piran VNSU Nedlloyd Lines Rotterdam
WIKU Textainer Equipment WWLU Wilh Wilhelmsen
Oslo Norway
XCLU Textainer Services
Boston USA
YMLU Yangming Marine Transport USA YSFF Nippon Liner Services
ZBXU Zim Israel Navigation
Tel Aviv
ZCLU Zim Israel Navigation
Tel Aviv
ZCSU Zim Israel Navigation
Tel Aviv
ZIMU Zim Israel Navigation
Tel Aviv

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