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Export Pre Receival Advice (Click here for Explanatory notes) 
Please Fill in details, print & submit or fill in, print & fax to Australia Trade Shipping on (+617) 3290 2481
Shippers Ref 

Shipping Line

Booking Ref 

Vessel Name

Voyage No

Container Number

Number of Containers

VBS Date Slot Truck Reg
O/ Height cms O/ Length cms O/ Width cms
Container Size Container Type
Deliver to Berth
Container ISO Code Tynes
Discharge Port Country
Final Destination
Cargo ( Gross ) Agents Seal No
Container ( Tare )
Container ( Gross ) DPI Seal No
Type General Empty Reefer
Hazardous FCL LCL
FAK Product
Temp C
IMCO No Flash
Commodity ( Description )
Exempt Weighbridge requirements certified not packed in excess of container maximum gross weight
Packers Signature _________________ Date Packed  
Shippers Name Where Packed
Marks & Numbers Break Bulk Cargo Quantity of Packages
Tonnes / Cubic Clerks Signature _______________ Date __________
Stevedores Other
Transport Rail Consignment No 
Received in apparent good order and condition subject to the terms of the Sea Carriers Bill of Lading
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