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Lodgement Authority Overseas
Documentary Bills
Bank Use Only
Doc Track Number
Instrument Number
The Manager
at the Branch

Dear Sir,

Attached for Collection*/Negotiation* are draft and/or documents for
drawn at on

which are to be presented to drawee by

*under Documentary Credit number

Issued by

Proceeds are to be credited on my /our account with
and, where applicable, are to be
applied against Forward Exchanger Contract Number

The following documents are attached

Draft Commercial Invoice Bill of Lading Not/Neg. Bill of Lading Airway Bill
Insurance Certificate / Policy Orig. Not/Neg. Packing List Telex/Fax
Certificates Regarding Origin Weight Analysis Beneficiaries Orig. Health
Copy Health Others

Where drafts and/or documents are presented under a Documentary Credit, no further instructions are to be given. Please sign on the second page of the form. For documents and drafts not under a Documentary Credit please complete the instructions below:
Please tick appropriate box

Instruct your correspondent to release documents only upon
payment (sight bills only) acceptance (term bills only)
Duplicates are to be forwarded
with originals by airmail by seperate courier
Bank charges are for
my/our drawee's account
Other bank charges for
my/our drawee's account
may may not be waived ( refer ICC publication Uniform Rules for Collections.)

If payment not received by , please contact the presenting bank
me/us for further instructions.

Other Instructions

Protest if unaccepted or unpaid.
Presentation may be deferred until arrival of goods.
Re-present on arrival of goods if not honoured on first presentation.
If document not taken up on arrival of goods, warehouse goods if possible, and insure.
Collect interest at a rate of % pa calculated on a 360/365 a day basis from
or due date to date of payment by drawee
Interestmaymay not be waived(Refer ICC Publication Uniform Rules for Collections)

In case of need contact of
will endeavor to have draft honoured as drawn
has full powers, may give instructions and take delivery of documents/goods against undertaking to account for proceeds. *

I/We understand that
* the choice of presenting bank rests with the bank unless instructions are given in the panel overleaf.
* if the bank agrees to a request to negotiate the drafts, the bank retains recourse to the drawer, not only for the due payment of the drafts at the payment date as stated on the drafts, but also for any loss which may be incurred owing to a moratorium or currency restriction imposed, or to be imposed, in the country of payment.
* to the full extent permitted by law the bank is not liable for loss, damage or delay, however caused, which is not directly due to the negligence or default of its own officers or servants. In the event that the law imposes on the bank a non-excludable liability which can lawfully be limited to the resupply of the service any such liability which the bank may incur is hereby so limited.
* any charges that are applied or deducted from proceeds by the collecting, presenting or reimbursing banks will be for my/our account.
* the Bank's standard practice for these transactions is to forward original documents by courier and to make all further communications by Telex/Cable/SWIFT. Our agent banks are also requested to communicate by courier and to make all further communications by Telex/Cable/SWIFT. Our agent banks are also requested to communicate by Telex/Cable/SWIFT. All charges due to the Bank from these processes are for my/our account if not paid by the drawee.

Subject to uniform Rules for Collections or Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, as the case may be, as per International Chamber of Commerce publication currently in force.

Yours Faithfully
Email :


For and on behalf of


Bank Use Only
Signatures Verified

Approved within CACA
within limits (if applicable)
Authorised Signature

Centre Number Statistic Code
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