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New Zealand Shipping On - Line Comments
This page was last updated on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 11:54:15 PM

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Welcome: Because of the amount of comments, support and input from members of the public having the total archive of comments on one page is now impractical. We have now separated the comments by year. 
If this is your first visit to the site I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning as there are some great stories and links.

Comments for the year 2000 Email / Date
I sailed with NZSC from 1962 to 1968 on various ships (Otaio, Suffolk, Nottingham, Westmorland, Tongariro, etc.). I would like to know whether there are any member associations active in Australia, specifically Sydney.   Alex. Chisholm.
My Brother Robert Keenan was a Galley Boy from 1962-63 with the New Zealand Shipping Company and would be interested to find out any information on the MV Turakina on which he served. In particular the where abouts of the ship now if still in service  Thanks for any Help on this matter
I am interested in contacting anyone who was on the ss Tongariro during 1948-49. Who would have known of Brian Holland (galley boy).
Just a complete fleet list as of 1959 for the NZS and Federal fleets. It was surprise to come across the NZS page and I am encouraged that so many have responded. I sailed with NZS for three years -- first as an engineer cadet on MV Rakaia, SS Papanui, MV Hinakura and MV Hurunui and then as an engineer on the companies brand new tanker SS Kent. They were happy times -- mostly --. As a matter of interest, I enclose the Christmas Day 1958 menu for MV Rakaia when she was docked in the torrid heat of Port Alma.
-<>-Cream of Tomato Soup Consommé Celestine -<>--Grilled Dover Sole, Ravisote -<>-- Roast Suffolk Turkey, Chippolata -<>--Baked New Zealand Ham, Saratoga -<>--French Beans, Cauliflower and Parsley --<>-- Chateau, Duchess and Persilles Potatoes
COLD BUFFET  Roast Sirloin of Beef Melton Mowbray Pie--<>-- Green Salad --<>--Christmas Pudding, Rum Sauce Peach Melba --<>--Nuts Dates Figs Dessert--<>--Cheese Rolls--<>--Coffee     Not bad for working ship!


I wonder if you could let me know what happened to the following merchant navy ships: MV Rangitane MV Hurunui MV Rangitata MV Rangitiki MV Rangitoto and also the: Shaw Saville Athenic. I am trying to trace what has happened to them. Jane Mayhew
My Wife's Grandfather James Brownlie Dick of Carluke, Scotland served the company for many years as Chief Engineer on the vessels Rangitiki, Rangitane (?), Rangitana ? and the Northumberland up to and during WW2. Where can I research his service / voyages ? Please contact George Russell, Carluke, Scotland on:-
I expect other readers have commented that Ailsa Corlett's table of NZS Company ships is woefully incomplete. The book mentioned, which lists all the Company ships, with A.5 size black and white photos of each one, is entitled "New Zealand and Federal Lines" in the Ships in Focus series, by John Clarkson and Roy Fenton, 1995, priced at £11.50. ISBN 0 9521179 5 9 (soft back). Another very similar book came out at the same time produced, I believe, by the World Ship Society, but this was more expensive.


For those researching the history of various ships check out: In wake of endeavour The history of the New Zealand Shipping Company and Federal Steam Navigation. Author: Gordon Holma Pub: Charles Knight 1973 London ISBN 085314 1819 Out of print. I obtained my copy through Amazon out of print service which took about six months to conclude but worth Images of Waikato photo 1888, Wanganui 1888 painting, Rimutaka 1899 painting, Paparoa 1926 painting, Remuera photo 1944 Rangitiki photo, Huntingdon photo,   Rangitoto photo, Tekoa photo, Manapouri photo Also complete list of ships.   Book written to commemorate nearly 100 years of trading - subsumed into Pand O   General Cargo Division. Happy to check book for particular mentions of ships and feedback. Best wishes  Bob B:-) Engineering Cadet Voyage 24 Otaio


I sailed on the Sussex in 1953. I remember we were in Lyttelton harbour when the Queen was crowned and all the hooters went at three in the morning. The next trip I was on the Hartford. The best time of my life was spent on those ships. So proud to sail on them. Spotless they were, and kept that way. We earned good money on the wharf in New Zealand unloading on the night shift too. Didn't have to sub any money all the time I was there. Stan Pierce. Brisbane.


Dear Mr. Shaw,
If you go into print or put anything on a website, you must be prepared to face criticism and comments. My remark that Ailsa's table on NZS ships was 'woefully incomplete' can be justified for the following reasons:-
If the list is of the 'old' NZS Company, which presumably means prior to amalgamation with Federal Steam in 1912, then only ships belonging to that company at the time should appear on the list - so why does the "Piako" built in 1962 appear?  If the list was made out in 1994 why are there so many blanks in the 'Years of Service' column? This might imply that all these vessels were sailing the seas in 1994, which we know is not the case. Returning to the "Piako", she became the "Reefer Queen" under Greek ownership in 1979 and was broken up on 1984. So in the 'Years of Service' column should appear the dates "1962-1979" if it is meant years with NZS, or "1962-1979" if it is means the total life of the ship. If you served many years with NZSCo., as I did, you would know that NZS and Federal were one and the same company - one was as likely to be assigned to a ship with a county name as a Maori town name.
I sailed on the "Wharanui", "Lincoln" and "Piako" among others, for example. So why aren't the "Cambridge", "Northumberland", "Lincoln" etc included in the list? Even if you say that these county ships are Federal and therefore not strictly NZS, there is no mention of the "Hauraki", my old ship the "Wharanui" and her sister ship the "Whangaroa". 
I accept the fact that some ships had Maori names, but were owned by Federal. Some were transferred between the two companies for admin. purposes. Later, some were bought by PandO. and B.I., the whole business is complicated and may have confused your compiler in her study. But I would suggest that she obtains a copy of the book I mentioned to update her table.
Incidentally, the other book that I mentioned in my last e-mail is entitled "Crossed Flags", by Perry and Laxon, 1998.
It is obtainable through the World Ship Society at £28 (cost of postage to Australia unknown). It follows a similar A.4 format to the Clarkson/Fenton book, with A.5 size black and white photos, two to a page, but with more extensive notes on each ship. John Russell


Editors Note:  Dear John
I note your point however be that as it may I do reward loyalty: It was Ailsa who approached me some time ago ( I think it was about 10 years ago for memory ) at that time I simply didn't have the time and suggested she speak to a contact of mine at Auckland Maritime Museum in Hobson Bay and to get in touch with the Alexander Turnbull library in Wellington.
Anyway that was the last of it or so I thought..?
The world's full of would have been's, could have been's.
Well she went out there and did something, it was about 4 or 5 years ago she informed me what she had done. So I set up this little segment for New Zealand Shipping on our web site, so what started out as a good idea at the time has grown and allowed people like yourself to share the fruits of Alisa labour.
The beauty of it all, is we now have a facility which has brought us all together to add more knowledge to this period of history that we were all so intrinsically linked.
We have all grown older and definitely a lot more wiser, I think for those of us who are turning the corner and ready to depart this world, it would be better to leave with fond and positive memories and know that you have helped to share that time of your life with others, now you can use this facility to reinforce that love for life.
Should anyone see a name they know appearing with contact details, they can always get together for a cup of tea or a shot of rum or whisky or gin and tonic and tell a few porkies and enjoy the day.
At the end of the day I thinks that's what it's all about, don't you. Please keep in touch;  Jeffrey Shaw
Enquiry from Jane Mayhew, either the Rangitata or the Rangitiki (I cannot remember which! ) was broken up in Valencia Spain during 1960/61. At that time I worked with McAndrews and sailed into Valencia each month. I spotted the old "Rangi boat" in the harbour on one trip and then watched it slowly disappear on each succeeding trip. A sad end but more dignified than finishing up on a beach in Pakistan which is where I suspect many of the NZSC vessels you mention finished up. I believe many of those vessels were sold by P and O to Far Eastern shipping interests. Len Chapman


John: Thank you for providing the details of the Perry and Laxton book. Very helpful. I did a trip on the Piako myself as a cadet in 1970 (?) and remember well the 'evaporator' for making drinking water. Chateau De Piako I recall it was referred to. A somewhat acidic brew with an evil yellow tinge but I survived to tell the tale. Thank you for filling-in what happened to her. The ships I sailed on were: Otaio, Piako, Somerset, Taupo, Hurunui and SS Patonga (a BI ship which became part of P  and O General Cargo Division) Can anyone fill-in what happened to them? Regards Bob B:


Further to Len Chapman's e-mail it was the "Rangitiki" he saw being broken up in Valencia. Regards, John Russell
I served on the Rangitiki and Rangitoto in the 1960`s my name is Reg Curtis if any one remembers I would love to hear from you
Otaio was broken up in 1988, I think - a look in Lloyd's lists will confirm. I sailed on her in 1975 - a memorable year! Any further info / photos etc would be appreciated. After thought - Otaio was sold to the Pakistan ? government and used as a cadetship, renamed 'Eastern Academy'. I wished I'd swiped the bell when I had the chance!
Sir I served as a lift boy and a steward on the Rangitoto early 1950 I have often wondered what happened to her. Has anybody the history or a photo of her. With many thanks Derek Jones
I was on RAKAIA in 1960 for 3 years and would be very pleased to hear from any of my old shipmates. I have a few photos including one of the ship's company which will be on in the near future. Regards to all. Bruce Pollard
Editor: Its now 14th April 2001 and there is NO web site or site with photos, shame really would have been worth a look see.
To the Editor was up and running - for a time. You had to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click a tiny logo which brought up Bruce Pollard's private photo album with a shot of the Rakaia cadets circa 1960 as prime - and only - picture. Site has since been re-designed and I assume Bruce has been told to take his picture elsewhere!!!

03 / 05 / 01

When we were on RAKAIA we had a cadets log book which included much interesting information. I would very much like to borrow the log, read it and even scan it on to the net so everyone who sailed on this fine ship could also enjoy it. Does anyone know what happened to it?  Bruce Pollard.
A shot in the dark, can anyone add to my knowledge of Harry? In particular we are researching his medal and his WWII service, but the family here in UK would love to know a little more about his activities in New Zealand (on ship and off) HARRY BECKMAN was my wife's uncle. I have to hand an obituary published in a New Zealand newspaper. It says: "BECKMAN, HENRY GEORGE, On December 25 1991 at North Shore Hospital (late of Glenfield); aged 78 years. The complete service will be held at the Takapuna Chapel of H Morris Ltd etc, etc.
BECKMAN, HARRY. On December 25 1991 (Ex MN, Survivor Auckland Star, cited for bravery SS Fort Lac La Ronge, second world war) A true gentleman and a great ship mate. Sincere thanks to the staff of Ward 3 North Shore Hospital for their wonderful nursing care. Will be remembered always. Jimmy Browne, Barney Childs, Peter Currie and Norm Cotton cheers Adrian Stockton


My father served on the Kaipara sometime I would guess between 1947 and 1955. He is now in his seventies and does not have a photograph of the ship. I told him that I would try and find one. Is there anyone who can help ? Paul Bradford 
20 / 11 / 00
My Father Arthur Valentine Cross sailed on the NZ Shipping Co ship MV HAURAKI as A.B. between Auckland and Wellington From Jan 1939 to 18.3.40 - Star Ribbon Issued. (info taken from certificates of discharge) The Capt. was D MacDonald.
Regards, Zelda.
23 /11 / 00
I worked on a number of ships in the mid 60's as a Steward and I would like to know if there any of my shipmates around Hororata coastal round England. Huntingdon to New Zealand and back Northumberland with a long stop after eng. went on way to New Zealand. I also spent a very go Xmas in the last place in the world Bluff with a Blue Star and City Ship I am not to sure about this but was told a good mate of mind was found dead on the Hororata in NZ but I do not know. His name was Martin. Hope some may remember me: Derek Thomas

28 / 11 / 00

I served just 1 trip on an ex NZS ship, the Tekoa in 1977. I'm very keen to find a photo of her in the colours of the day. I'd also like to catch up with 'Boyo', 4EO at the time, an ex pat taffy like myself. Melvyn Fox or 
9 / 12 / 00
My great grandparents came to New Zealand on the Otarama on New Years Eve, 1923. I am trying to locate any information regarding the Otarama including a passenger list for this particular voyage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
12 / 12 / 00
I am hoping to trace a photograph of the SS Tongariro passing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge in approximately 1947-49. Many thanks for your help. Brian Holland UK  
27 / 12 /00
I have be given your email address and I am wondering if you could help me at all. My father David Smith was in the English Merchant Navy in 1959 (aged 17/18) and was serving on the M.V. Wharanui. Around late 1959 and up to November 1960, my Father and some of the crew of the Wharanui were involved in a ship sinking. Some of his mates and my Father went on a trip in a fishing trawler off the coast of Invercargill going towards Stuart Island when the boat started to sink. The captain, my Father and my father's mates were rescued and brought ashore to Stuart Island and were returned to the Mainland the following day. This was published in the local press at the time with pictures of my father on the front page. My father recalls the newspaper headline was "Looking back with some amusement" members of the crew of M.V. Wharanui having being rescued at sea on fishing launch (name unknown) etc.
My father can't remember the actual date or month only the headline in the newspaper.
I know this will be a long shot but would it be at all possible for me to obtain a copy of this press release so I can show my children, my fathers grandchildren. If you could give me an email address of the Local paper/s where you think I would be able to obtain this I would be most grateful.
I have emailed the National Archives in New Zealand already and am awaiting a reply.
My Father has mentioned this story to my sister and brother and my nephews and this would be very nice to pass on to them, as they are very excited that their Granddad was involved in something exciting as a shipwreck!
Thank you for your help. Mrs Lorraine Leach,  England

Editors Note: I suggest you get in touch with South Island newspapers such as Southland Times and Christchurch Press. They do have web site addresses

29 / 12 /00

My great uncle, Captain George Thomas Deith was commander of the Westmoreland when it was torpedoed in the First World War. By some means the ship was beached and the crew saved. My great uncle received a Lloyds medal for this. Any further information on this event eludes me. I would love to know date, location and any other information. Val in Vancouver, Canada.

01 / 01 / 01

In December 1950 I was deck-boy on the Hororata homeward bound to Liverpool. while in the vicinity of the Azores the ship was badly damaged by heavy seas necessitating in repairs being made while hove to. The ship was under the command of Capt E.H.Hopkins. The boatswain was Mr. Frank Newell. I would like to know if an inquiry was made into this event and what was the outcome of it. Also the name of the deck officers. Coincidently this accident occurred close to the eighth anniversary of the Hororata's near loss by torpedoing in the same area on her second voyage. I would appreciate any information. Trevor Castleton

16 / 01 / 01

Dear Sir, I was proud to serve the New Zealand Shipping company from 1958 to 1963 my name is Mr Roy Sutcliffe and I was a crew member on the vessels, The Haparangi, The Pipiriki & for the Federal Steam Navigation Co, The Huntingdon & Cambridge. I was aboard The Huntingdon in the Seaforth dock Liverpool U.K prior to her last voyage to N.Z and then to Taiwan where she was scrapped. Whilst aboard I was intrigued to find The Haparangi's bell on the focsal. 
Can you please tell me as to why she had the Haparangi's bell? 
Thank you for your valuable time. Mr R. Sutcliffe. Liverpool U.K

26 / 01 / 01

I was interested in the info about the NZSCo on your site (I was a cadet 1964 - 69) Peter Herring
27 / 01 / 01
It was quite a surprise to find this site, and I'm now corresponding with Alex Chisholm who was Cadet Captain on the "Otaio" when I joined in '64! Perhaps you could paste the following : Anyone around who remembers the NZSCo Engineer Cadets from Course Seven ? 
1964 - 69. Many of us are still in contact - Ken Ross, Harry Hogg, Jim West, Roger Cooper, Pete Harris, Flop Dunham, Oggie Andrews, Phil Gray, Tony Trigwell - but we'd love to hear from anyone of that era! 
Thanks  Peter Herring

05 / 02 / 01

I have located the following websites that may be of interest to contributors to your NZSCo history site. 
Click here for New Zealand Shipping Photos of the NZSCo fleet and a number of links to related sites this site has web pages devoted to the history of British shipping lines (NZSCo is missing) and is asking for information so the history can be recorded. 

There is a comprehensive section on NZSCo and includes a large reference list. 
I hope this information will prove useful to those seeking more information on NZSCO Regards Len Chapman 

15 / 02 / 01

I was a navigation cadet on the MV Otaio in 1970 and 71. Anyone around from those days? Richard Allisette 
18 / 02 / 01
I received an E Mail from an ex NZSCo and he tells me that the NZSCo Board meeting minutes for the fifties and sixties are now available for public inspection at the National Maritime Museum in London. I will be in London in August/September and will try to get to see them. They should make interesting reading ! Len Chapman 
19 / 02 / 01
NEW ZEALAND Shipping Company (A716)

NRAM Reference A716
Name NEW ZEALAND Shipping Company
Type of record Records
Dates covered 1900-1971
Quantity 35cm
Level of description Collection
Location Auckland War Memorial Museum Library Te Papa Whakahiku MS 872

The New Zealand Shipping Company was formed in Christchurch in 1873 with the object of "providing increased facilities for the New Zealand trade", and in addition to building its own vessels, chartered others to cope with, particularly, the 1870s boom in cargo and immigrant traffic.
The eight volumes of this collection comprise a register of shipping movements through the Port of Auckland, 1900-1971; also for Mount Maunganui, Opua, Whangarei and Marsden Point for part of the period 1959-1971.
Access conditions Not restricted

NOTE: The Auckland War Memorial Museum Library will be closed to the public from 1st April 2000 and will re-open in February 2001.
Business and industry
Transport and communications
Auckland Central
Bay of Plenty
Last Update February 1981 
© Auckland War Memorial Museum Library Te Papa Whakahiku

Regards Len Chapman 

19 / 02 / 01




If you have knowledge about the Old New Zealand Shipping Company and would like to share
please proceed to the On-Line feed back form.

Jeffrey Shaw, Managing Director, New Zealand Shipping.