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New Zealand Shipping On - Line Comments
This page was last updated on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 11:54:14 PM

You are on The History of New Zealand Shipping domain

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Welcome: Because of the amount of comments, support and input from members of the public having the total archive of comments on one page is now impractical. We have now separated the comments by year. 
If this is your first visit to the site I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning as there are some great stories and links.

Comments for the year 2003 Email / Date

I am searching for information about my father who was a sailor from Holland and was returning from Holland to New Zealand in 1973 to Live. Unfortunately I do not have much information apart from his name being Sjaak Van Dyke from Rotterdam Holland. If anyone would know where I could find information about how to go about my search it would be greatly appreciated. Helen Dickson
4 / 01 / 03

My name is Bruce Hurst, I joined the New Zealand Shipping co in January of 1957 & sailed as 11th engineer on RMS Rangitata. I did voyage's 78 & 79 on her, next i went to mv Durham as 6th engineer this is the voyage she broke both main engine crankshafts & put into Galveston Texas for repairs we spent 6 months in Galveston, the Haperangi came in & got our cargo & took it on to NZ after repairs we loaded new cargo on the east coast of the US & on to Australia I did a couple more voyages on Durham & then to Huntington & Hertford & coasted Hinakura. These were all great ships & I had been wondering what happened to them when I came across your web page. I suppose NZSC is no more, taken over by P&O then dropped the name. Is all the Lamb & produce from NZ Exported by air or are there still refrigerated ships being used ? Bruce A Hurst

Editor  Meat is shipped in 20ft or 40ft refrigerated containers, these specialised shipping containers can have there temperatures set at minus 28 to carry ice cream or minus 18 for meat or minus 6 for chilled meat or plus 4 for vegetables or chocolate. Meat does go air freight and its usually associated with pre cut packs for hotel trade

24 / 01 / 03

I was on the M V Norfolk as a J.O.S. Around 1955 and I was hoping that you may know what happened to her since then. G. Mair.

My late father, Charles (Charlie) Osborne, served on the M.V.Orari during World War 2 from 1940 to 1945. I am trying to trace the history of the Orari between those dates. I know she was torpedoed twice and was one of the ships in the Malta Convoy of July 1942.
Can anyone give me any information on the above actions/events or any others. I would also like to make contact with any crewmembers who may have served with my father. Regards Stuart Osborne.


Peter Smart -Cadet Captain MV Otaio around the 1972 mark! Served and still in contact with Charlie Payne, Andy Coxon-Smith, Paul Clarke.
We all served as Navigating Officer Cadets from September 1970 until around 1972/3. Lots of stories to exchange and catch up on. Get in touch!
Thinking of organising a reunion???
Peter Smart / Charlie Payne


Dont forget s.s. Derby, running Isle of Grain- Mina al a Manie, Kuwait 1962...ish

hi everyone. i trained on the TS Indefatigable in North Wales during 1962, and then applied to sail with the Blue Funnel line, but was transferred to NZSc. I sailed on Piako in 1962, a ship that I grew to love. Our first trip was down to Montevedeo South America, where usually only Blue Star boats were seen. Did any anyone sail on this trip, when President Kennedy was assassinated. My name was Steve Polhill, Liverpool. Get back to me if you did, or know anyone who did, it would be great to hear from you. 
Ps. i now have a cruiser, 26ft, who is lovingly also called Piako! get back to me. thank you so much. Steve Polhill


Hello, what a superb site just found it by trawling. I was a Junior Engineer in P&O GCD days and have many happy memories of NZSCo's ships. Cumberland, Sussex, westmorland and Wild Auk. I would be happy to to find some old shipmates from the period 1974 to 1982 when I transferred to P&O Ferries on the Channel run. Philip Shackleton.
03 / 03 / 03

There was another war replacement H-boat, the Hauraki, sister to the rest of them
05 / 03 / 03

Hi, both my Grandfather, Billy Buckland (donkeyman) and my Father Frank Buckland (chief electrician) sailed with the NZSC many moons ago, would love to hear from anyone who remembers them, Tanya...
05 / 03 / 03

SS Horarata : My Grandfather - Stanly Haines Edwards came out to NZ on the SS Horarata - Left Southhampton July 16th 1925 on the vessell Horarata. Arrived Wellington August 18th 1925. Does anyone have any details/photo's/passenger lists. Mark O'Connor

16 / 03 / 04


My family emigrated to New Zealand aboard MV Tekoa in 1972. We left the UK for Auckland with all our belongings on board, including the car and cat....

Memories include me winning the ship's dominoes contest, continuous playing of Bridge over Troubled Water in the wardroom, my 9th birthday in Curacao and being stopped shortly after leaving the canal with a shot across the bows by a Paraguay gun-boat! I think the next day, we were marooned at sea with a cracked main engine liner.

We arrived safe and sound in the middle of March, only to end up returning to the UK on the SS Oriana later in that year.

Does anyone remember this particular trip? The family name is Lewis and members were Alan, Esme, Paul and Wendy. Paul Lewis 

20 / 03 / 04  Above website has some interesting NZSCo information and photos. Len Chapman
24 / 03 / 03

Kenneth Stewart 1888-1962; originated from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, but spent almost all his life (from pre WW1) at sea, mostly as Boatswain, NZSCo, certainly pre WW2 until 1953 approx. I am trying to trace any information about my grandfather or anyone who served with him (I know of him on the Sussex in '43 and the Rangitoto '54), also my uncle, his late son, Donald Angus 'D A' Stewart (known to have served on the Empire Windrush, mid 50s; NZSCo 1950s to 80s approx). They are both long in their graves now but I would be eternally indebted for any information received. I would also like to know if the employee records still exist and if they are accessible? Regards, Ken Stewart, London

24 / 03 / 03

I was second electrician on mv Hinakra for three voyages during 1962-1963 i am sure she was built in 1956 and scrapped in early 1980's ( i was living in Durban South Africa during this time and remember seeing her taking bunkers on her voyage to the middle for scrap ) i also did one voyage on mv Otaki and a delivery voyage to New Zealand of the mv Whakatane (renamed wiaraki) to the union steamship co. regards Norrie Cumming
25 / 03 / 03

I have been looking for the Passenger List for the SS Rimutaka II that off loaded passengers to Queensland Australia on its was to New Zealand during 1914, apparently my Grandmother said that this ship was chased by a uboat around the top of Australia, does anyone have anymore information regarding this information, thanking you, Jenny Reeves
01 / 04 / 03

My Grandparents emigrated to Argentina immediately after their marriage in 1911. My mother, their daughter was born in Argentina (Huinca Renanco) in June 1912. They decided to return to England and sailed aboard the R.M.S. Paparoa, captained by Commander N.E.Bower.

I have the original 'Passenger List' (Third Saloon) detailing all the passengers who sailed from Montevideo on July 26 1915.

My mother who was just over 3 years old at the time recalled the Captain being very taken with her as, according to my grandmother, she reminded Bower of his own daughter of similar age. Seemingly my mother accompanied the Captain on his tours of inspection of the ship hand in hand. The only place she was kept from was the engine room.

As a memento of the trip Bower gave her an expensive porcelain headed doll he had bought for his daughter. This was kept until, as happens, my mother in the 1940's let a friends child play with it. The doll is now no more!

I came across this site in a moment of doodling and was fascinated to read the history of the Company. But whilst Paparoa is mentioned it does appear to be a second 'version' of the original. Can anyone enlighten me as to what became of the first R.M.S. Paparoa? What port within the UK would it have sailed into? Does anyone alive today recall the Master's name and reputation?

I should be enthralled to receive any news or information, photographs etc

Adrian Lewis

02 / 04 / 03

How surprising and interesting to find this FSNC & NZSC domain - reading through the various contributions brought back a lot of nostalgic memories. Congratulations on your fine effort to date.
Born and bred in Liverpool, I was recruited from Grayson Rollo & Clover Docks, Birkenhead and signed on as Junior Engineer on the s.s. CORNWALL (OFF.No. 145038) on 13th April 1948.
The fully refrigerated 'CORNWALL', with crew cabins opening to an outer deck, and of course no air-con, had five Scotch boilers, turbines, steam driven fridge compressors and all- steam deck machinery.
After spending the usual four/five months on the NZ coast (wonderful place with delightful memories) we were loading frozen cargo in our final port (Windy Wellington) when fuel oil inadvertently found its way into the on-line boiler.
Despite frantic efforts, we finally had to sail with four working boilers on a 49 day 'slow boat' to London, arriving early November 1948.
We paid off in Cardiff on 19th November - a skeleton crew were left on board (including myself) until March 1949 (rough cider was cheap, so we managed to scrape by !)
'CORNWALL', which I understand had survived bombing during the war, was finally taken to the breakers yard - so ended my first voyage and the unexpected last voyage of a fine vessel.
That experience eventually led to some tough questions from the examiner when up for 2nds Steam (on good advice, I had the foresight to swat up 'oil in boilers')
My connection continued with NZSC on the steam turbine ships 'PAPANUI' and 'PAPAROA' - but that is another story. Kind regards, Ken Sayer, 5th May 2003

05 / 05 / 03

Thanks for your reply. My wish is to help up date the NZSCo page. I was radio officer in the "Cornwall", not listed , because it was the old Cornwall, built 1926, and then in the "Orari", also not listed, I cant think why. I have good photos of both these ships sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, circa 1946. Since I do not possess a scanner, would be happy to send colour prints to your nominated address. Alistair J Maskelyne

06 / 05 / 03

Dear Sir, I enclose a photo of the M.V. Hauraki taken at Bluff NZ in February 1963 at the opening of the new conveyor system and cold house, Hauraki is dressed overall as the first ship to use this new system. I was a engineer on Hauraki at the time. Best Wishes to all John Randles. Also a picture of the Sutcliffe family I used to stay with in Torbay Auckland

Editor: When I get some time will put photo up asap

06 / 05 / 03

Hi all, I am trying to find information and particularly passenger lists for the SS Ruahine on which my Grandfather sailed to NZ around 1928/29. If anyone can help me in this it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Elizabeth Passuello.
07 / 05 / 03

I am hoping that somebody knows the answer to this question: the 1929 Rangi boats (Rangitane, Rangitiki, Rangitata) all have 2 funnels. They were identical design and were diesel powered. In every photo I have seen of these ships, only the aft funnel is showing smoke and on a recently acquired plan, the engine room is shown directly under the aft funnel. Does this mean that the forward funnel was only cosmetic? I recall that Titanic only needed 3 funnels and a 4th was added to make her look more powerful. I hope that you can incl Trevor Bell

08 / 05 / 03

I would like confirmation about Charles and Elizabeth Cutts along with 8 of there children were passengers on board the Hororata which sailed from England and arrived in New Zealand 10-04-1926 lots of thanks ali Alison Toopi
11 / 05 / 03

Before and during the early part of the war my father was an engineer on the KIAMATA and the HORORATA, I may have misunderstood the heading on the box two above, as it shows that the Hororata was built 1942 which could not be correct, i would think around the 1920's maybe. regards Peter Loydstrom 
16 / 05 / 03

I'm looking for anyone who worked on MV Sussex 1950-53 Christopher Welsby
19 / 05 / 03

Name is Steve Moorcroft. I joined P and O GCD in 1973 until 1977 and during that time worked on the Cumberland and the Wild Auk as Assistant Eng and 4th Eng, plus another couple of old ex Strick Line boats. Names of engineers that I remember I sailed with: Keith Webb, Grant Wallace, Andy Monk, Dave Kear, Graham Sayer, George Jacklin, plus a kiwi called Ticker Tock. Also some deck officers, Keith Thomas and Andy Coxon Smith. Would be great to hear from anyone who may remember me. Steve Moorcroft.

24 / 05 / 03

Dear Jeffrey, In replying by e-mail to Peter Loydstrom regarding the "HORORATA", I realised I'd mentioned things that may be of interest to others: "Two HORORATAS on the photos page, 1913-1942 & 1942-1967.
Don't know what happened to the first one, but it would be about 29 in 1942(suspect scotch boilers/turbines) so would be puffing a bit by then. Of course, it may have been lost through enemy action, as so many fine vessels were, sadly, along with their stalwart crews.

Met the second one a few times on the NZ coast, in fact think we had a lifeboat race against her deck officers in Lyttleton, or some such port. We "PAPANUI" engineers, sponsored by our Captain, Hamish Lawson, were wont to challenge any company vessel in the same port - as was often the case, we won, promptly 'dunking' our cox and Chief Officer, "Dazzler" Saunders."

Losers bought the 'grog' - nostalgic memories, often wonder what happened to all those 'mates', in particular our Aussie engineer trio (all members of our lifeboat crew) Syd Thomas, Ben Bolt and Jack Taylor - brown shoes, brown hats, threepenny bits and 'bastards' !! Regards to all, Ken Sayer

28 / 05 / 03

SAMKEY - Again. Further to my post 29.12.02. Try the Google search engine and type in motor vessel samkey. You get into the Bermuda triangle.

I'm not going there.

Re: 08.05.03 the Rangitata forward funnel, that was a dummy and housed the radio room.
Re: The Titantic fourth funnel was a dummy used for storing deck chairs and probably housed other equipment. Well these dummy funnels did give the ships of the day a more impressive look.
Re the Samkey. As with most articles on the Internet you have to take them with a pinch of salt and do your own research.

For what it is worth I hope I have given someone the incentive to clarify the true history. Mike Parker

Editor: Went and read the article on the Bermuda Triangle very very interesting and passed on its details to the editors of the Australiasian UFO magazine. Who told me there were two USA Navy destroyers that disappeared in the late 1920's off Venezuela only to reappear moments later in 1969. They were refitted with modern gyroscopes (USA Scientists having pioneered much of this work in the "Philadelphia Experiment " in 1942) they then sent both ships back to 1929 (the movie "Final Countdown" was based on this actual story however the producers of the movie set the story in the Pacific using an aircraft carrier called the Nimitz)

28 / 05 / 03

Mr Jeffrey Shaw. Thank you for putting me on line with the New Zealand Shipping CO. Comments, i was on M.V. Ruahine from 1953 to 1956, and when i saw you had the on comments line, thought it would be a good to see if i could contact any one who sailed during that period, i was the ships plumber thank you Bob Mc Mahon.
03 / 06 / 03

Does anyone have a New Zealand Shipping Company blazer badge, as worn by us cadets circa 1966 -1970, on our blue blazers (part of shoreside uniform). I took mine off when I went shoreside, and can't find it. It's just that I'm going to New Zealand to meet an ex-fiance, in the next couple of months, and wanted to impress!!!!!!
10 / 06 / 03

Hi, just a stab in the dark but my GG Grandparents arrived in Canada in 1883 on the SS Dorset. I think this ship was from New Zealand or Australia. The ship only made one trip to Canada during the 1870's and 80'. I have not been able to find any information on it it was 1715 tons. Do you know anything about it could you direct me to someone who may? 
Best regards and thank you in advance.
Bill Cann
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

11 / 06 / 03

Ruahine - Built by William Denny & Brothers Ltd in Dumbarton , Scotland , 1891 , 5975 gross tons; 430 (bp) feet long ; 50 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engine, single screw. Service speed 131/2 knots.1096 passengers ( 58 FC , 38 SC , 10000 TC ) Built for NZ SC , 1891 , British Flag and named Ruahine. London-NZ-Service. Sold to Compañía Transatlantica Line , Spanish Flag , in 1904 and re-named Antonio Lopez . Barcelona - NY - Caribbean Service. Scrapped in 1946. Fernando Martin

13 / 06 / 03

Editor:  Been on Holiday for 6 weeks 
From end of June to mid Aug

Hi there, NZSCoers. Giles Goldsbro (previously spelt Goldsbrough) who was aboard Rakaia in 61 to 63, Piako in 64, and Turakina 65 to 68. Swallowed the proverbial anchor, and went ashore in Japan. Finally managed to get out of the place in 1993 (couldn't read the sign for "exit", could I), and am now catching up with old shipmates I see Bam Pollard's name further up the list, and would love to hear from him, and any other shipmates from Rakaia and Turakina days particularly. My e-mail address is "", but physically based in Valencia in Spain. Cheers!

16 / 07 / 03

Rakaia was originally the "Empire Windrush", and was probably built around 1943 or 1944.  Giles Goldsbro
16 / 07 / 03

Ted Ashworth here vessels of New_Zealand Shipping: 
MV 'Otaio' Port Reg. London. NZSCo
Official No: 187758
GRT: 13314
NRT: 6875
BHP: 12400 Engine: Twin 6 Cylinder Doxford
Constuction Date: Unknown

SS 'Kent' Port Reg. London. Trident Tankers.
Official No: 302543
GRT: 31762
NRT: 19219
BHP: Unknown Engine: Steam Turbine
Construction Date: Unknown

SS 'Lincoln' Port Reg. London. Trident Tankers.
Official No: 300819
GRT: 12780
NRT: 7020
BHP: Unknown Engine: Steam Turbine
Construction Date: Unknown

MV 'Huntingdon Port Reg: London. Federal Line.
Official No: 181898
GRT: 11281
NRT: 6657
BHP: 12800 Engine: Twin 6 Cylinder Doxford
Construction Date: Unknown

I sailed on these vessels as Engineer Cadet rising to 3rd Engineer between 22 Oct 1959 and 16 July 1964. Details are from my Discharge Book. Ted Ashworth

17 / 07 / 03

I have a water colour of a ship flying the NZSCo flag and the red duster, named KANNA. My Grandfather sailed on it and I'm trying to find some detail. It was a cargo boat dating perhaps 1890-1930, well decks fore and aft of the open bridge, red and black funnel, hull colour black, upper deck white, 8000 tons approximately. I would appreciate any information you could supply. Kind regards, Rex Brady Wellington NZ
19 / 07/ 03

I would like to have some information regarding the Captain Hobson (previously the Amarpoora) and the voyage it took in the 1950's transporting British Troops back from the middle east after the Korean War. Thank you. Any information regarding where the ship is now, whether it is scrapped or not, would be beneficial to me, as my father was on that ship. thank you in advance.
12 / 08 / 03
My Grandad Jack Coalbran Sailed on many NZ shipping vessels but the one of interest is the Hororata of which he was awarded the ships ensign ( I think this is right i mean the flag) during the second world war I know that that ship was eventually sunk but I still have the Flag. I just thought you would like to know.
14 / 08 / 03
From Neil Watson ex NZS crew member(2nd. cook & bricklayer) )from around 1971-1982 would love to hear from anybody who sailed with me on Haparangi 1971-72. The Old Man was Captain (Willy) Dan, who sadly died in New Plym. other names from that happy ship are D.E.Evans (wing commander) steward, Chris Tester (ch,cook) Albert Mason (lampy) Alex Wight (ch.steward) also sailed on m.v Tongariro, mv Cumberland, mv Essex ,all the 'wild boats', and all the straths, the last being the Strathewe to the Falklands before redundancy in 82. wonderful ships, wonderful shipmates, wonderful time. love to hear from any kiwi runners who knew me, Neil Watson

14 / 08 / 03

Around 1968-69 I served on the Rangitoto as an engineer and can remember seeing a plate giving the year she was built as 1948. She was soon to be sold To C Y Tung and become the Oriental Carnival or Queen. Hope this helps. Brian
15 / 08 / 03

Neil Watson x nzsc/p&o chief cook-1970/1982 Haparangi, Cumberland, Essex, Tongariro, all the 'wild boats' and all the Straths, looking for shipmates. Where are you Graham Hunt, Wally jolly, (Tongaplonk) D.E. Evans (Haparangi Essex) and of course, anyone else that knew me
16 / 08 / 03

I am in possession of a publication titled "Ships in Focus - New Zealand and Federal Lines" written by John Ckarkson & Roy Fenton, Published 1995 by John & Marion Clarkson, 18 Franklands, Longton, Preston PR4 5PD.

This details the companies and their fleets since 1873 with photographs of many of the ships, commencing with the first Tongariro in 1883.

A publication of 89 pages it is too large for me to submit to the site but I would be prepared to provide extracts, including photographs, on a progressive basis if you would like to receive them.
Editor: Love to

19/ 08 / 03

Correction to my previous posting: "RAKAIA" was launched in 1945 as "EMPIRE ABERCORN", by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, with GRT of 8563, length 457', and beam 63'. Name changed to Rakaia in 1946, and she was scrapped in Hong Kong in 1971. These details courtesy of Mariners List ( which contains a lot of interesting stuff. "EMPIRE WINDRUSH" was a war prize, seized in Kiel in 1945, and then operated by NZSCo, but under what name, I don't know. Giles Goldsbro

21 / 09 / 03

I am interested in knowing how long it took the MV Rangitoto to travel from Southampton to Wellington in the 1950s. Was it the fastest ship? If not what was and how long did it take it? I would be most grateful for any help on this. Bernard Walton
27 / 08 / 03

Hi there, I was a 14 yr old passenger on the Rangitoto in 1952. From Curacao to Southampton. Great ship. Am writing an autobiographical novel, need some technical specs on the Rangitoto. Eric Irausquin
27 / 08 / 03

My Great Aunt Beatrice CRINAGE suppposedly travelled to emigrated from England to new Zealand in 1913 on a ship caled the RUAHINE. If you have any passenger lists for this voyage or details of the type of ship or a photo I would much appreciate the information. Martyn Peart
29 / 08  / 03

My father Hugh Scott Munro was Chief Engineer with New Zealand Shipping Company until 1983.He is retired and living in Llysfaen, North Wales. If you would like to get in touch please send me a message and I will pass it on. Finlay Munro 02 / 09 / 03

Steve O'Connell here - I was a Navigating Cadet on 'Otaio' betweem October 1974 and July 1975. I shared a cabin with Bob Foster and Rob? although people may remember us because we all decided to grow beards. Anyone around that remembers the Cadet bar being built, please get in contact
04 / 09 / 03

Andrew "Chris" Christie, Deck Cadet on Otaio from '71 to '73, then transferred to Hinakura. It was "The Days of the Great Upheaval" and on return to UK I was banished to The Persian Gulf on a Strick ship and things were never quite the same again.

I joined with Mitch Mitchell, Phil Bennet, Taffy Jenkins, Mark Underwood, Neil McGovern and I think 2 others whose names escape me. It would be good to hear from anyone who can remember anything about those days .. Andrew "Chris" Christie

21 / 09 / 03

Hi found your site by accident wow it sure brings back the memories sailed on a lot of ships over a 9 year period but the Rangatiki had to be the best done 2 trips between june 61 thru feb 62 was first class waiter plus I had a couple of jacket jobs Pursers steward fruit king and ice boy for the barmen will share info and photos with anyone who was on the Tiki at the same time did Kiwi about 8 times also sailed on shaw savill and blue star. Stan Dingwall

22 / 09 / 03

Mr Shaw, having only just found this site I am very pleased and greatful for all the work you put into it. I notice that some of comments are "where are you" pleas, so here is mine. I sailed on the Hinikura between Jan. 67. and Nov. 68.
Len Bruss was Chief steward, Harry Ratcliff was the tiger, Peter Bennett (me) eng, steward and Peter Ceary was off, steward

I have found Harry and believe Len and Peter are both in New Zealand. If your out there please get in touch. Regards Peter Bennett.

7 / 10 / 03

My name is Peter Bennett and I sailed with NZSCo from Oct 1964 till June 1970.
The ships on which I sailed were:- Pipiriki 3 trips, Hurunui 4 trips, Hinakura 6 trips, Manapouri 1 trip, Mataura 1 trip, Tekoa 1 trip

All their history and in fact every ship from NZSCo. and Federal Steam Nav Co. can be found in a book called SHIPS IN FOCUS New Zealand And Federal Lines By John Clarkson & Roy Fenton ISBN 0 9521179 7 5

Some of the information given is quite remarkable ie

Built by Sir Raylton Dixon & Co Ltd Middlesborough 1920 9266 gt 470 ft Hurunui had no sisters in either Federal fleet, for whom she was ordered, or that of the New Zealand company. The two hatches on the bridge deck are an unusual feature, and these were perpetuated in the design of subsequent company ships. Hurunui was an early war loss, torpedoed by U-93 on 14th Oct 1940 in the Western Approaches whilst on a ballest passage from Newcastle to New Zealand. All but two of her crew were rescued.

I hope this information is of some use to you and you can use it to update your website.

Kind regards, Peter.

Editor: Appreciate your words, I don't have much time to work on the vessel section, I really need someone else to reconstruct it.
So if someone has the time and can lay it out in excel spreadsheet and email as an attached file then I will set it up

7 / 10 / 03

MV Rangitata info required please.
We sailed from Liverpool in March 1942 and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on March 24, 1942. I was 3 years old and travelled with my younger brother and our mother who was a Canadian war bride. My Dad was in the RHLI infantry. Would REALLY appreciate any photo of ship or contact with other "offspring" of war brides who sailed on this ship. Thanks. William M. Dukes

10 / 10 / 03

Greetings, and thank you for a quick response. I was interested in getting information about the Rangitata, as I came to NZ on her in 1961, when I was eight years old. Southhampton to Wellington, via Panama Pitcairn. I think it was her last voyage.? I would love to have a photo of the Rangitata...and to know what all i can about her, for my research.. thanking you and best wishes, Gus Scott.                      
p.s. we broke down near Pitcairn , and the captain was Capt Hocken...

28 / 10 / 03

Dear Jeffrey Shaw I do not require my message regarding the S.S. Surrey and e-mail address to be posted on your website.   Therefore, please would you delete it. Thank you. Dorothy Richardson  30 / 10 / 03
Editor: Recently an email came in seeking knowledge about whether there was a replacement for S.S. Surrey NZ Shipping Lines, built 1919, lost 1942. I duly put the request up and advised the contributor the request was now appearing on the History of NZ Shipping. You wouldn't read about it but I received a swift reply asking me to remove said email.

We get 1,500 emails a day, I do this as a love job so that people can keep in touch. You don't have to be Einstein to appreciate that the modern / contempory staff at New Zealand Shipping wouldn't have a clue in respect to answering some of your questions. That's why we have the History of NZ Shipping so that questions of this nature can be answered by former staff or those who have an affinity with the maritime industry.

The truth is out there, its a case of finding the path of least resistance in order to find it, I thought this page was such a path.

Yes I'm peeved off, I could have allocated my time to something else namely my family.

30 / 10 / 03

Hello, I am trying to find a picture of the ship Orari which was built in 1875. If you have any information on this please let me know. Thank you very much. Shirley Hearn  
1 / 11 / 03

Where can I find full information on RMS Aorangi that was calling in to NZ ports late 20s early 30s? Sincerely Colin Townsend
3 /11 / 03

Simon Pickett, My grandfather was captain of the SS Pipiriki in the early 1920s and held prisoner of war along with the ship and crew in a civilian war camp during the first world war. The Pipiriki i believe was formerly called Lippe and was German, can you confirm this . I have Photos and the ships log book showing deliveries of cargo to Australia, New York, etc etc I would be interested to hear about the ships history from their onwards. My grandfather was William Hicks.

4 /11 / 03

I was on the Steamship Hororata on its final voyage - they called it 'The Last of the Yellow Funnels'. Item fo'r'd was as straight as a Gillette blade.
Firstly, the ship was steeped in history; on its maiden voyage it was torpedoed in the Azores. I actually looked at the ship when the ship was divided into 'Gunners' 'Horse men'. 
But, this voyage was no ordinary adventure! we had TV cameras recording our voyage to Deep Sound (Yes I have some wonderful photos of literally 6 ft fish) and would love tell all about the Wanganella (Including that book which unfortunately I have destroyed.
As Second Electrician, my first voyage to NZ was via the States on the Cornwall. I have sailed on the Rangitoto (have that doll plus a Rang tea towel. 
Having already written books, I plan to computerize all my memoirs (+20 volumes + family history), I would be interested in working on my MN adventures am seriously thinking of doing this phase of my life. Any interest? Richard

Editor: Just like I did with Ailsa I will do the same for yourself

5 / 11 / 03

I am looking for information as to when the Rangitata had the Doxford engines fitted? I am quite sure she was built with Sulzer engines. Also can anyone tell me where the following ships where scrapped. Rangitata, Haparangi, Cumberland, Nottingham. Thanks, Bill Nadin.
17 / 11 / 03

My father Christopher Welsby was a refrigeration engineer on MV Sussex between 1954 and 1955. He is still alive and wants to discover any available records. 
He could possibly give the feedback you are seeking? 
Please contact me if you are able to help or if we can help you in any way. Mark Welsby
Editor: The History of New Zealand Shipping is a legacy about New Zealand and the birth of a great nation. Its for everyone to contribute and share. My role is simply to put up the information sure I can get one of the staff to put it up but its not the same, it's all about love and the passion that you get when you read the stories.

01 / 12 / 03

ss PAPANUI built 1943 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow,sold 1965,scrapped 1965.
mv WHAKATANE built 1954 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow,sold 1964,scrapped 1979.
mv PIAKO built 1962 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow,sold 1969,scrapped 1984.9986 g.t.,5552 n.t.single screw,refrigerated.
ss PAPAROA built 1943 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow,sold and scrapped 1970
ss PIPIRIKI 1944 by A.Stephen & Sons,Glasgow, scrapped1971 Alex Bennie

4 / 12 / 03

Some additional vessels all built by A.Stehen & Sons,Glasgow

PIAKO s.s.,Launched as WAR ORESTES Built 1920 8283 G.T. Torpedoed and sunk 18.5.41
ORARI m.v. Built 1931 10107 G.T.Sold 1958 Scrapped 1971
OPAWA m.v. Built 1931 10107 G.T. Torpedoed and sunk 6.2.42.
KAIKOURA m.v,. Built 1937 1954 Transferred to Trinder Anderson Scrapped 1963
OPAWA Sail Ship Built 1876 1076 G.T.Sold 1899 Scrapped 1919
PIAKO Sail Ship Built 1876 1076 G.T. Sold 1892 Missing 1900
WANGAUI Sail Ship Built 1877 1077 G.T. Sold 1888 Sunk by U-boat 1917 
Alex Bennie

9 / 12 / 03

Reading all the above comments it takes me back to when i worked for NZS/Federal Line on the following ships. Rangitata (final voyage) Remuara (maiden voyage), Essex (in my opinion the best looking ship in the fleet), Sussex, Haparangi & Nottingham. I know work in the IT industry but for the children would love to re-live my life aboard these great ships again. Especially the time spent on the NZ coast and to all my old girls friends i would like to say Hi and thank you.

Keep up the good work and if anyone remembers me drop a line.

PS i have photographs of the Sussex & Essex in the English channel and will gladly forward a copy to anyone interested. Robin Hedges

17 / 12 / 03

I'm surfing the 'net in an effort to find out as much as I can on m.v. (later RMA) Rangitiki which was broken up in Spain in 1962. My father, C. Philip "Mick" Overall was Chef on her for many years having started on her as 2nd. Cook on her second voyage in 1929, staying with her until the final voyage to/from New Zealand in May 1962.

If anyone here has any memories of the 'Tiki and my father, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Although English, I now live in Texas, my son in Ireland and my daughter in Australia, and I'd like to get as much of his grandchildren's heritage down on paper before I too hang up my hat and cash in. Dad wasn't too big on talking to his sons about his life on board nor his life in New Zealand. And I believe there must be many stories that need to be told of the voyages of RMS Rangitiki. Richard Overall

21 / 12 / 03

I joined "Orari" as a junior engineer in Wellington 16th. Sept. 1953. She had twisted the Starboard engine crankshaft 25 degrees.

We were 5 weeks alongside while William Cable Engineering Co. unpinned and advanced the crankshaft, retimed the engine.

We nursed that engine all the way back to the U.K. Eventually took her to Falmouth, where Siley Weirs stripped both engines out of her. Because of the severe damage to the starboard crankshaft (they assumed most of it had been caused by the torpedo) they cut the shaft up to remove it

I joined Suffolk in Feb.1954. as 8th. engineer. G.J.Prisk (Graeme)

22 / 12 / 03

Hope you have a great Christmas and a successful New Year! 
Len Chapman

Ditto to everyone

25 / 12 / 03

Dear Mr. Shaw, I just revisited your website and found a message from a Mr. John Edwards whose father was also a chef on RMS Rangitiki.  I suspect this must have been the gentleman my father took over from in that capacity, as I have read that Dad became chef in the early years of WWII.
If Mr. Edwards responds with some good information, I'll be sure to let you know, as you have provided this very valuable resource for old seadogs and their families.  This is a good thing you are doing.  God bless you. Richard Overall

29 / 12 / 03

I am an artist currently painting the NZSC vessels of the 1950's and 1960's. I have completed the Ruahine and am now interested in the three Rangi vessel and ask if you have any reference material. Regards Will Howard
31 / 12 / 03



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