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New Zealand Shipping On - Line Comments
This page was last updated on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 11:54:17 PM

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Welcome: Because of the amount of comments, support and input from members of the public having the total archive of comments on one page is now impractical. We have now separated the comments by year. 
If this is your first visit to the site I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning as there are some great stories and links.

Comments for the year 2004 Email / Date

Dear Mr Shaw, I have in the past had posted on the web site information of NZSCo but my email address has changed, can you rectify this for me please. Also I have recently acquired the book Crossed Flags (fantastic) from World Ship Society price UKú14. There is someone auctioning the same book and getting UKú30+ please be aware. Kindest regards Peter  
9 / 01 / 04

My father was on this vessel in 1946 when it carried troops out to Gibralta, he was in the royal artillery doing hiss national service, his name is Frederick Dunsdon and he is just recalling some fond memories, he is now 75. Paul Dunsdon
15 / 01 / 04

hi, i was doing some research on the SS Papanui because i want to find out more about this vessel. i actually come from the island of ST HELENA in which you would know the vessel sank in 1911 from what gathered from the older generation who actually witness the disaster that she caught fire and ran a ground in James's Bay and slowly she sank. i also use to work for a salvage team aboard the BEDGELET, i had many dive's on the wreck and it now lay @ the bottom broken in three pieces bow, middle &stern as for that, the ship is still pretty much intact and can be recognised from the picture on your web. It use to be like a monument with it's rudder protruding out of the shallow water's of the harbour until in '96 due to rough seas when it broke leaving the harbour looking rather empty being stood there for many year's it really was a missing.

I also have some artifacts from the vessel which was quite unusual from the other cargo that she was carrying like building materials, but i have some pottery, cutlery & bottles were these cargo as well?? i could send you pictures if you are interested. finally the big question were there really any copper ingots onboard the vessel? no one really know's because the manifest was lost yrs ago. i hope i was a little help and i hope you can help solve my questions. thanking you Malcolm Henry

16 / 01 / 04


The website will give you all the information you want. Douglas Garner
Editor Thank you

What terrific memories i did one voyage on the Paparoa 1963 as a junior engineer i remember going into dry dock at Port Chalmers for repairs to the shaft can anyone remember what the problem was? then joined the Haparangi in Liverpool around christmas 1963 we left on new years eve but had an altercation with a chanel lighter about two hours out and had to return for repairs. Unfortunately the repairs didn't hold and we ended up at Gibralter for more repairs a few days later great crew great ship great memories
Gregory Holley Gold Coast Queensland

29 / 01 / 04

Hello Mr Shaw, My great grand parents came to Auckland in 1874 on the NZ Shipping Co."Dorette"(renamed" Waimea" in 1875) I have much information on the ship and this particular voyage and being a keen modeller I am going to build a display model of her. I wonder if your company has a lines drawing or plan or if you know where I may obtain one? Kind regards, Doug Garner

2 / 02 / 04

Terry Loughnane R614372 This was my first ship that i sailed in 1954 as a boy rating in the catering dept my job was to collect the chop covers from the dining room and general dogs body to everyone. Terry
4 / 02 /04

I have a document which I found at auction in Lewes, Sussex, England, regarding loan or overdraft of ú25 000 to New Zealand Shipping Company Limited Incorporated, signed by Philip Hanmer of Christchurch and Joseph Gould ,secretary, dated February 1873. has duty stamps of 1 one shilling, 1 ten shillings and 1 half a crown. Edna Peters

5 / 02 / 04

I travelled from Auckland to Liverpool on the Ruahine passenger-cargo ship in 1968. I believe the ship was sold for scrap after this last voyage. I have some photographs if they are of use to you. Dr John Happs
Editor I am sure we would all appreciate that

6 / 02 /04

 Hi Jeffrey I have attached 3 photographs I took of the Ruahine in 1968 during its last voyage from Auckland to Liverpool.
This is the Ruahine in Tahiti:
Editor Have received 2 photos just need time to load up
12 / 02 / 04

A couple of years ago I purchased a video entitled "Cargo Liners of the World" and more recently another two from a series, "Ships to New Zealand", which were called "Outward Bound" and "Homeward Bound" respectively. The ships depicted are predominantly NZS and Federal Line and the films date back to the 50,s and 60,s.

There is some great footage and I am sure the films would bring back a lot of memories to those who sailed with these Companies.

I joined the Kaimata as a Junior Engineer in January,1954. Although the Kaimata along with the Kaipara, Kaipaki, Kaikoura, and Kaituna were owned by NZS Co. they were managed by Trinder, Anderson & Co. and spent most of their life on the MANZ run. In late 1954 NZS Co. together with Birt, Potter and Hughes formed a new company called the Avenue Shipping Co. and the five "K" boats were NZS Co's contribution to the new concern. They were subsequently re-named after Irish counties and we lost our connection with NZS Co.

So, although I was never employed by NZS I was familiar with the names of their ships and I can relate to the above videos.

For those who may be interested a catalogue may be obtained from: Video Distributors Ltd, P O Box 5026, Wellesley Street Auckland, 1
I have no connection with the above firm. I myself have never seen these videos advertised and am just passing the message on because I think they are of interest. Sid Le Quesne

13 / 02 / 04

I first sailed on the Rangitane in April 1950 as a Lift Boy and completed four trips before moving to the P & O Strathmore as a second steward. I would love to get some photos of the Rangitane. The snaps that I took were destroyed and I have no record of this period in my life. David Cutlan
15 / 02 / 04
Thank you, Jeffrey. Actually, it's you that should be thanked - and I do, as I'm sure do many others. BTW, I contacted Len Chapman having finally tracked down his latest email from your forum, and he gave me some valuable information about the time he was on the Rangitiki.  I guess his (engine room) world and Dad's (galley) world never did quite collide, so they never met.If I find out anything further that I believe to be of interest to you and your "readers", I'll be happy to forward it to you. Regards, Richard

18 / 02 / 04

Dear Mr. Shaw,

The attached color photograph is the one picture of the Rangitiki that I'm really happy to have acquired. I have to believe it was taken in NZ before the war.  At least I would certainly guess that it was taken before the 1947/48 refit and re-engine job.

Another website has a very similar black & white image which, at first glance looks identical to this colorized image, yet there small but distinctive differences that tell me the same photographer made more than one picture from the same location at around the same time.

If you post such pictures on the website, and feel that this shot is worthwhile, please feel free to do so.

I also attach a copy of the back of a postcard (front as well) which I bought through eBay. What a lovely surprise to find the little potted history, most of which I knew, but some I didn't.

Best wishes, 
Richard Overall
Houston, Texas

25 / 03 / 04

Dear Jeffrey, On the 13 February I posted a message regarding videos that were available about NZS Co. ships. 
I received a reply saying that you had placed it on the History of New Zealand Shipping Co. page. However, as yet it has not appeared on the On-Line Comments page and am wondering if the page is still to be updated or whether I have a fault with my computer.
Someone has sent me a message saying that he saw the posting in a discussion board, and wanted the address of the firm supplying the videos. The address of the firm was in my posting.
He didn't say who or what the discussion board was about. I have sent two replies to him but they are being returned undelivered.
Your comments would be appreciated. Yours sincerely, Sid Le Quesne.

9 / 03 / 04

I was on the Rangitata sailing from New York to Liverpool in January, 1944. The trip took 19 days as the ship zig zagged across the Atlantic trying to avoid U boats. It was in the centre of a large convoy which was actually attacked at one point by a wolf pack of German submarines.

If anyone has any knowledge of this sailing I would be very interested to hear about it. Joyce Perry (nee Atkins)
10 / 03 / 04

Did you have a ship the Samkey built in 1945 and disappear in the Bermuda triangle in 1948 Shirley Traynor 
12 / 03 / 04

I came across this site by accident. My name is Graham Peers l joined NZS in 1968 till 1974 sailing on the Huntingdon, returned to the UK then 2 days later joined the Suffolk to take it to scrap l joined with Gary O Keeffe who l am back in touch with thro: email he is living in New Plymouth .After that short trip l joined the Essex were l met Dave Kilty and Alan Edmondson we made a pack thirty years ago to keep in touch so now every 2 years we all go on vacation somewhere in the world. Then l was on to the Northumberland that was the trip she changed her colours to crusader l stayed on her for the whole 2 years so did most of the crew we went out with 40 crew and came back with 54 crew 8 new brides 3 children and 2 ladies that had ring bolted with a couple of seamen. I was best man to the 2nd engineer his Name was Roland BIFF Hammond he got married on the bridge of the Northumberland by the mission padre in Wellington l have been trying to contact him for 10 years now can anybody help me out. I left NZS to join a Canadian tanker outfit from which l have just retired 38 straight years at sea was enough I live in new Brunswick Canada Dave lives in Niagara falls Alan still living in Barrow in Furness .Would like to hear from any old ship-mates going to sea was never the same after NZS it was all about money. Your Truly. Graham Peers

13 / 03 / 04

Have photos of Rangitata, Rangitoto including photos of Rangitotos cabins, ballroom and lounge. George Carr 
13 / 03 / 04
Dear Jeffery, Thanks for your message, I trust that you will have a very pleasant and uneventful journey next week.

Just to let you know - I obtained a copy of "Crossed Flags" and, from information contained therein, I now believe my colorised photograph to have been taken in NZ at the mid-point of her maiden voyage.  The tall funnels, the flying bridge, and some other differences from every other picture I have found tell me this; so, I am quite excited that I seem you have acquired quite an historic photo' of the old Rangitiki.I have attached a copy for you, and you may use it if you wish.

I have also been in touch with Len Chapman who, whilst having served briefly on the 'Tiki, did not know my father. Nevertheless, he was able to give me further insight into life aboard the ship.  And again, I have been corresponding with Dr. John Happs who had posted about sailing on the Ruahine's last voyage in NZSCo (actually Federal) colors.  Not only was this the Ruahine's last trip, it was also my father's last trip as well.  He retired from NZSCo. after that voyage, and never went to sea again.  (I also attach a copy of a menu from a Retirement Dinner given by his Auckland shore side chums just prior to the Ruahine sailing.)

So you see, Jeffrey, your website has (and is) a valuable resource for me in my mission to find out as much as I can about the voyages of the Rangitiki, and of the life and times of my Dad, "Mick" Overall.

If it's okay with you, I'll keep in touch from time to time. With my very warmest regards, Richard
Editor: Will be back in the country on Tuesday 23rd March

13 / 03 / 04

Jeffrey, I may have sent a bitmap (.bmp) so I'm sending it again as a lo-res jpeg (.jpg). No-one else has had this problem, so I hope it comes through. If so, I'll try as a higher-res jpeg. Richard
15 / 03 / 04

Update on Rangi ships. I have since read that Rangitane was sold for breaking up in1968 but was bought by C.Y.Tung and renamed Oriental Express and finally broken up in 1976.
Rangitoto was also sold to C.Y.Tung in 1969 and renamed Oriental Carnival. and broken up in 1976.
Ruahine was sold to C.Y.Tung in 1969 and renamed Oriental Rio broken up in 1973. George Carr 

16/ 03 / 04

Hello Jeffrey, I sent an E mail last friday but fear it may not have left as I do not see it up, so I will try again, I joined NZSCo in feb 1966 as DHU and joined the PIPIRIKI in the graving dock at Liverpool, did one trip on her and followed with almost two years on Somerset, then Piako and finally due to a really bad incorrect medical diagnosis by the pool doctor I finished my career on Northumberland in 1968.I stayed at sea doing one trip with Irish Shipping and for the last 30 years have been skippering yachts in the USA. I still regard my NZSCo time as the absolute highlight of my life and regret that it ended too soon. I have aerial shots of all my old ships that appear to have been taken on sea trials for the most part so if anyone wants copies I can get it done as I really need an excuse to buy a scanner!!I still have the Crossed flags that I cut off my old work jumper as I always plan on getting it copied on to another. I hope to hear from old shipmates sometime. cordially, Ian R Walsh

16 / 03 / 04

Rangitiki built by John Brown.Clydebank.1929.16.700 tons 
Sold for scrap 1962.
Rangitata built John Brown. Clydebank. 1929. 16.700 tons
Sold for scrap. 1962.
Ruahine. built John Brown. Clydebank.1950.18.500 tons.
Sold 1968. Broken up in Taiwan. 1973.
Ruahine. built on the Thames. in service 1866. 1.500 tons.
Lost on the South American Coast circa 1874.
Ruahine. built on the Clyde. Denny Bros.6,150 tons.
Sold and renamed Antonio Lopez.
Ruahine.built Clyde. Denny Bros.service 1909.10.800 tons
Sold in 1949. scrapped in the late fifties.
George Carr

16 / 03 / 04

My father was a passenger on the Rangatiki in 1938 - we're trying to find out as much as possible about the voyage - where from/to, stop offs etc . We know he rode a camel some place in the desert which we think may have been Egypt or the Sudanese area. He left the ship somewhere in Australia and travelled later to New Zealand. Regrettably he's now passed on and much of the history has gone too. Any help would be appreciated. Kate Stephens (nee Cahill)
23 / 03 / 04

I need to know any details of SS Surrey, where it was sunk and any list of the crew. George A Young 
25 / 03 / 04

I travelled from Wellington to England on the Rangitane in 1960 and returned on the Rangitoto in 1963. I have memories of parts of the voyages particularly flying fish, boats coming alongside at Pitcairn, Tahiti, passing through the Panama Canal and having lunch under tarpaulins on deck, Trinidad, King Neptune and the crossing of the line ceremony. I would like to obtain some pictures of both vessels if possible.
29 / 03 / 04

Dear Mr Shaw, would you please send me your email address so that I can send a spreadsheet attachment with NZSCo info. the address on the website does not seem to work. Kindest regards Peter J Bennett.
2 / 04 / 04

As a crew member of the MV Rangitane in the 50s. on the way to New Zealand, going through the Panama Canal we struck a ship called the Hawaiian Tourist and I think it sank, we suffered a lot of damage to our bow section, and had to spend about a week in Panama for repairs to be carried out, pictures of this occurrence are illustrated in a library book somewhere, but I have yet to find it, although I know this to be true as I have seen them, if anyone can find any info of this please contact me, Many Thanks Ted Downes.

6 / 04 / 04

Hinakura Launched 1949 Decommisioned 1974, I did three happy trips on her in the early sixties. Regards Bob Mason [Austin].
Editor: I always send an acknowledgement to advise your email is appearing on History of NZ Shipping, on this occasion the email addressed bounced back on us
10 / 04 / 04

I am looking for the history and a photograph of the vessel RAKAI which brought immigrants/ passengers to New Zealand around 1870-80. Our family is to celebrate the 125 yr. anniversary later this year. Our family arrived in NZ from the RAKAIA in Sept 1879. May be there are no photographs taken or the ship that early. Many thanks Best wishes HB Maunder
22 / 04 / 04

Does anyone have any information on the sailing dinghies that were carried on a lot of the NZSCo ships. Thank you Michael (Mick) Taylor
7 / 05 / 04
Dear Mr Shaw, following your last reply 7/10/03 I have put on a spreadsheet as requested some information I hope it is OK for your website. I am at present recording FSNCo in the same format. kindest regards Peter J Bennett.
Editor: I have put Peters comprehensive spreadsheet up on the vessel section, excellent stuff, good on yah mate. Thank you.
7 / 05 / 04

I travelled on the SS Hororata from Liverpool to Sydney in 1945 as a RN (Air Branch) person accompanying Naval stores. Can I offer any help to your site? Kenneth.
7 / 05 /04
Glad to hear from you Jeffrey - I was beginning to worry that you had fallen ill, but then I realised that you had probably been very busy. 
Since I sent that photo of the pre-modified "Tiki, I have acquired a rather nice 1944 photo of her in war-time grey complete with gun(s).  This was taken by the US Coastguard Service, but I don't know where.  I have cropped the rather crude writing that is on the print, and attach a copy hereto.  This one is not necessarily for publication (I'm not sure of copyright status as yet), but I offer it for your interest.
Just to let you know, I'm working on building a website for RMS Rangitiki, and hope to have it published soon.  When I do, I'll be sure to contact you All the best, Richard Overall

Editor: Sorry about that Richard, I am spending a lot of time of late with my radio stations " The Radio FM 88 Network ". Its taken 3 years and i can safely say that we have pioneered a new format for radio. We are currently testing the new format which is based on " Sound Therapy " on our Springwood station. So if any one is suffering from tinitus, meneirs syndrome, attention deficient, loss of hearing, dizziness, tone deaf, loss of balance then our style of music from around the world will be of great assistance. see our web site it provides more background to the principles of hearing and frequencies. So if you have a business or hospice or shopping centre that requires a sense of ambience and peace then we are the people to talk to.

12 / 05 / 04

Hello Mr. Shaw, Thank you for a very interesting and friendly site. My name is Jacqui Wyatte, a descendant of a Capt. Ryan (don't know his Christian name) who, I believe, was the master of the ARYAN one of the last sky sailers built in Maine USA in 1893. She was wrecked/burnt in the Chatham Islands in 1918 after leaving Wellington for the Pacific Coast of the US. Captain Ryan's daughter was born and lived in Auckland so I presume he worked for a NZ shipping company. Would any one having any knowledge of the Capt., the ship or a company that may be connected please contact me on my email. I am Australian by the way.
The Captain's daughter Mary married a Falwell and their daughter married an Abbott. Their son was my father, John Noel Abbott who left NZ for Australia in the 1920s.The Captain is a mystery man and any information supplied would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jacqui
Editor: This is going to be an interesting family tree, when its finally unraveled. (FYI. whilst this email has nothing to do with the History of NZ Shipping, it does involve an earlier time in NZ history no one likes to hear of a maritime disaster)

13 / 05 / 04

Hi, My father worked for the NZSCo for 42 years. He retired in 1960 and died in 1977 but I still have a lot of his papers. Attached is a copy from a pamphlet describing the actions the vessels were engaged in during the war years 39-45 which you may be interested in. Cheers John Keen Tel: 01440 730226

Good morning, Jeffrey

Just to let you know that my website featuring RMS RANGITIKI (1928 - 1962) is finally up and running. 

This site has been made possible with the help of a number of people from this wonderful forum of yours, and I wish to thank each and every one of them for their contributions to my knowledge of the Rangitiki and of my father, Mick Overall.

The website is in its early stages at present and, as it will be a continual 'Work in Progress' there will be much to add including an acknowledgments page. I have quite a selection of additional material (including images) to post, and i will always be looking for more anecdotes and history from anyone having anything appropriate that I may use.

Thank you for your encouragement and support, Jeffrey

Best wishes,
Richard Overall
Houston, Texas

Editor: You're welcome

I was very interested to see the contribution from Dai Richards back dated 7/11/02 about his time on the 'Rangitoto'
Talk about a walk down Memory Lane.
I was on the 'Rangitoto' from 1960-1962 and remembered virtually all the shipmates he mentioned.
I worked as a Writer. My Boss the Purser was called Gillingham - not sure about his first name - I think it was Leonard.
Other Writers I worked with were John Hardiker who came from 'oop North, also Alan Millhouse who was a Scouse, and Bill Batson who (I think) was a London lad.
Other names from that time were John Lee (Shop Manager), Don Lewington (Laundryman), Ray Calvert (Chief Barman) and Brian Meyer (Printer).
I spent my 21st birthday during that time. My birthday's in July and we were in Port Chalmers at the time - as you know that's the middle of winter down there and we had a 7 am boat drill including being lowered over the side. I was frozen and had to have lots of alcohol to revive me.
Many congratulations Mr. Shaw for a brilliant web site. Bill Pinder
Editor: Appreciate the thanks 


HI I am trying to locate the passenger list for Feb 10 1961 from the Rangitoto. It sailed from Southampton and sailed to New Zealand. My sister was on that ship and still lives in New Zealand. She has never returned to England. Has anyone got a passenger list, or know where I can obtain one. I haven't seen my sister for 42 years would love to find this list. Any help appreciated. Carol Evans


My dad has always told me stories about his days in the merchant navy aboard Rangitiki.I think they were the best days of his life. His name is Terry Gridley and he was the butcher. If anyone remembers him i would be interested. 25.05.04

Hi, I am searching for information regarding the Rangitoto. I believe it left Southampton Docks in 1961 for New Zealand the trip took six weeks. I am looking for the passenger list. Any one with ideas please respond. Carol Evans

Hi there, I am trying to find the passenger list for the SS Remuera, she sailed from England to New Zealand i think in 1923 or 1926 or so i am led to believe.
She had a few of my relations on board with the surname of White. One of them i believe went on to work on the railway
If there is anyone out there that can help it would be much appreciated. thanks much Lin White


I am getting more requests for passenger lists so that people can complete their family trees. 
I am not sure if that was my objective when i set up "The History of New Zealand Shipping"
It's only because i am so busy on another project that i really would like to concentrate on the antidotal stories that we get as they really give you a buzz when you read them. (I mean to say at the end of the day it's a love job)
The only solution I can offer at this moment is to set up a sub domain for passenger lists requests, then i don't feel obligated to drop everything, i can do it when i am ready.
Open for suggestions

Hi I posted a request, I have been informed that the date is now September 1960 when the Rangitoto left Southampton for NZ. Sorry for mistake, can you update my message please Carol Evans

I sailed on the Pipiriki in the early 1970s, i have a press cutting about the ship and its then master captain Michaels, i was a deck boy, great memories of Auckland and Napier. Martin Richards

Jeffrey, Thank you for placing my contribution on your site. However, through force of habit, I posted my work e-mail address rather than my personal one & have since been getting some junk mail here at my office.
This is obviously a bit embarrassing so can I ask you a huge favour and ask that you change my e-mail address to ? I'm used to getting all sorts of spam there and can cope with it.
My apologies for any inconvenience and my continuing best wishes for your NZSC History project. Regards Bill Pinder.
Editor: The question of showing email address allows us to contact each other however it does open up this subject of spam. I am open to suggestions as long as its kept simple.


Passenger Lists for family trees

There are already considerable resources available on the Web for researching passenger lists to New Zealand. For example:

1. Cyndi's List has a page devoted to NZ Passenger Lists

2. have record of (nearly) every passenger arriving in NZ.

My suggestion is that you incorporate a page which lists and links to major on-line NZ passenger resources. You can then simply refer enquiries for passenger information to that page.

If you attempt to deal directly with the enquiries, I am sure your web pages will quickly fill!

I will be happy to send you a list of suitable websites if you decide to add this facility. Len Chapman

Editor: Excellent suggestion, will accept any help


Is it possible to supply me with the history and a list of the crew of the Kopara of Richardson Company which sailed under charter under New Zealand Articles from Auckland to Noumea, Espirito Santos, Guadal Canal and return to Auckland approx July/September 1942 for the U S Army(Marine Core? I am requesting this information on behalf of Mr Roderick Millward O. S. who was the youngest crewmember on that voyage. Tony & Bernadaette D'Alessandro


Just a short note to say our web sites have been hit for the last 10 days with spam at the rate of 10,000 an hour (that's right 10,000 an hour)

We have rectified these terrorists attacks however if you have sent emails to us since 1st of June i would kindly suggest you resubmit.

I will endeavour to put up what have i have .. Spoke to the Shadow Ministers for Trade, Communications, and IT in Australia but that was a waste of time, now I know why they call them Shadow Ministers....

Just for the record the attack on us took up 80 % of our servers capabilities and took down 800 web sites ...

Good thing we don't have our web sites in Australia or NZ it would have brought their economies to their knees as they don't have the T3 cable bandwidth to handle this volume of spam attack .... Jeffrey


I am interested in obtaining shipping schedules to NZ from (probably) Ireland. A great uncle of mine left Ireland in 1929 and his brother left in 1947 (could be Rangitaka?) I say probably Ireland, as I'm not ruling out that they could have left from Liverpool/London etc. Interested to find the ships they sailed and the route the would have taken and hopefully (eventually) obtain passengers lists which would include them. Any information would really be appreciated...Many thanks, Craig.


My name is Tom Haywood and I spent 6 years on the various ships listed below, anyone out there who recalls the voyages and dates listed? Joined in Syd as jnr Eng.

Northumberland: Syd 22/02/65 (fgn)>Hull 03/05/65.jnreng Northumberland: Hull 04/05/65(ht)>Vic Docks 12/05/65.jnr eng

Hinakura: Vic Docks 03/06/65 (ht)>L'pool 08/06/65. jnr eng

Hinakura: L'pool 28/06/65 (ht)>Swansea 02/07/65. jnr eng

Paparoa:Avonmouth 03/07/65 (ht)> L'pool 10/07/65.jnr eng

Otaio: L'pool 09/07/65 (fgn)> Aden 30/07/65. 8th eng

Otaio: Sydney 03/09/65 (fgn)> L'pool 18/12/65. 8th eng

Otaio: L'pool 17/01/66 (fgn)> Falmouth 16/06/66. 2nd Ref

Otaio: Falmouth 11/07/66 (fgn)> L'pool 24/10/66. 2nd Ref

Otaio: L'pool 16/11/66 (ht)> Vic Docks 25/11/66. 2nd Ref

Hinakura: L'pool 13/12/66 (ht)> Avonmouth 28/12/66. 2nd Ref

Dorset: L'pool 26/01/67 (fgn)> 01/06/67 L'pool. 2nd Ref

Rakaia: L'pool 29/07/67 (ht)> Vic Docks 07/08/67. 2nd Ref

Otaki: Vic Docks 09/10/67 (fgn)> London 20/03/68. 1st ref

Otaki: London 28/03/68 (fgn)> London 23/07/68. 1st Ref

Otaki: london 22/08/68 (fgn)> london 16/12/68. 1st Ref

Piako: London 27/01/69 (fgn)> London 06/03/70. 1st ref

Piako: London 26/03/70 (ht)> Avonmouth 28/03/70. 1st Ref

Pipiriki: London 01/05/70 (ht)> Falmouth 03/03/70. 1st Ref

Pipiriki: Falmouth 26/05/70 (ht)> Vic Docks 27/05/70.1st Ref

Hertford: Vic Docks 13/07/70 (ht)> Falmouth 15/07/70.1st Ref

Hertford: Falmouth 14/08/70(ht)>Swansea 18/08/70.1st Ref

London dock-office untill late Nov 1970

Have many good memories and stories, some hard to believe these days.


Evelyn Tautau New_Zealand_Shipping_Passenger_Lists:

Charlie  Hello there!
My father sailed with the Surrey, Durham and the Cumberland - what sort of information are you looking for?He was a merchant seaman out of Liverpool, England, from about 1943 - 1959.If there are any specifics that you want to follow up I can pass the queries on and report back to you.I know he has fond memories of NZ.All the best.Charlie Nocton.Salford, UK.


Ellen Conway It is interesting you have given a record that the SS Remuera was still in service up until the nineties. I as an immigrant came out to NZ on its last voyage Records and passenger listing from these immigrants ships from the 60's onwards can be obtained at theAlexander Turnbull Library in Wellington for I myself looked up my name on the passenger list there


 Phillip L Gray Otaio engineering cadets who started their apprenticeship in 1964 (Course 7) have a reunion planned for October 8/9th 2004 in London. Would appreciate if anyone can assist in finding Barry M Stephenson or Howard J Cox. We can account for most of the other 21 cadets who joined at the time.


Hororata was a twin-screw, steam turbines vessel of, around fourteen thousand tons. Her cruising speed was fourteen knots. She had cabin space for around twenty passengers. When I took passage on her, she was being operated by the Department of Trade, UK. She was taking military supplies to Australia, and returning with lead, apples and frozen lamb. The Atlantic was fairly rough when we traversed it but she was a well behaved vessel.After seeing the fuss that accompanied a Royal Navy ship entering and leaving harbours, I was very impressed by the smoothness twith which her crew operated her. Our cargo on that trip consited of lorries, mobile radio vans, mobile workshops, bombs, torpedoes, rocket heads (for aircraft). A RN motor launch was carried foreward as deck cargo. There was something "hush-hush" in the after hold, which no-one spoke of. Information I had after the war, suggests the cargo was mustard gas. She had a four inch gun aft and was equipped with Asdic. Both were operated by RN or Royal Artillery personnel. The Chief Officer I came to know well Kenneth


Graham Homan Hi.I would like to the see the passenger list for a sailing from NZ to UK. The ship is MV Rangitiki and it sailed from Wellington on or about the 9th of January 1962. Is there any chance that I can view this list. Many thanks.Graham Homan

Tom Haywood Being an ex NZS man I was very interested with the detail that this site can come up with, I have listed my sea service below with various ships since 1965.

Northumberland-Sydney 22/02/65 > Hull 03/05/65-jnr/eng Fgn

Northumberland-Hull 04/05/65 > Vic Docks 17/05/65-jnr/eng HT

Hinakura-Vic Docks 03/06/65 > L'pool 08/06/65-jnr/eng HT

Hinakura-L'pool 28/06/65 > Swansea 02/07/65 -jnr/eng HT

Paparoa-Avonmouth 03/07/65 > L'pool 10/07/65-jnr/eng HT

Otaio-L'pool 11/07/65 > Aden 30/07/65-jnr/eng Fgn

Otaio-Sydney 03/09/65 > L'pool 18/12/65 8th/eng Fgn

Otaio-L'pool 17/01/66 > Falmouth 16/06/66 2nd/ref Fgn

Otaio-Falmouth 11/07/66 > L'pool 24/10/66 2nd/ref Fgn

Otaio-L'pool 16/11/66 > Vic Docks 25/11/66 2nd/ref HT

Hinakura-L'pool 13/12/66 > Avonmouth 28/12/66 2nd/ref HT

Dorset-L'pool 26/01/67 > L'pool 01/06/67 2nd/ref Fgn

Rakaia-L'pool 29/07/67 > Vic Docks 07/08/67 2nd/ref HT

Otaki- Vic Docks 09/10/67 > London 20/03/68 1st/ref Fgn

Otaki-London 28/03/68 > London 23/07/68 1st/ref Fgn

Otaki-London 22/08/68 > London 1/12/68 1st/ref Fgn

Piako-London 27/01/69 > london 06/03/70 1st/ref Fgn

Piako-London 26/03/70 > Avonmouth 28/03/70 1st/ref HT

London Dock Staff 13/04/70

Pipiriki-London 01/05/70 > Falmouth 03/05/70 1st/ref HT

Pipiriki-Falmouth 26/05/70 > London 27/05/70 1st/ref HT

Hertford-London 13/07/70 > Falmouth 14/07/70 1st/ref HT

Hertford-Falmouth 14/08/70 > Swansea 18/08/70 1st/ref Ht 

Are there any that can recall sailing on these ships during the periods indicated, would like to hear from them. rgs Tom Haywood


George Blake Stumbled on your great site by accident. I sailed in the "'Tiki for 3 of the happiest voyages of my life in '54 and'55. Started as 10th Eng and ended up7th before sailing with other not so happy companies. I can still remember almost all the engineers that I sailed with, and still see Peter Wenden, who was 4th and my watchmate, every year when my wife and I follow the sun and 'winter" in NZ. Thanks for providing this opportunity to re-live some great times with some great people


I have just stumbled upon this site and have had a fascinating 2 hour read through it all. NZSCo has been a part of my life since I was born. My Maternal grandfather was 2nd and Chief Officer from 1917 until the late 20's and on the retirement of Capt. Barnet he was promoted Master. I am talking about the father of Capt. Keith Barnet who of course many of us know. His name was Capt. J.G.(Nutty) Almond and I still recall when a very little lad, seeing him arri "Old Nutty" had a fearsome reputation and when I joined the Company with the name of Smith my relationship to him was kept a dark secret. I still chuckle about when I was choice QM on Durham arriving in Auckland and Capt Barnet and the pilot were reminiscing over their times sailing with Nutty. I was trying very hard to concentrate on my steering and not give the game away! I joined Durham in April 1957 and did my whole apprenticeship on her finishing up as Cadet Captain (for good attendance) before leaving her in Aug 1960 to sit for 2nd Mates. An account of the Galveston voyage is on the Rakaia site if any one is interested and includes photo's and important input from Peter Snow and Peter Lloyd. I then joined Rangitane in February 1961 and was there for two years. I left her in dry dock in Wiltons yard in Rotterdam where she had been taken to have the port crankshaft replaced. It was cracked I think around no 5 unit in the port engine and we had gone out to NZ and back running with No 5 unit blanked off. They did the repair in the middle of winter (Feb 63) and had her back on the berth in the Royal Albert in around five weeks including a dry docking! After passing for mates I joined Northumberland in Montreal and did 21 months and 4 round trips to USA on the MANZ run bringing her home to Hull at the end of the last trip on the 3rd May 1965. After sitting for Master FG and passing in November 1965 I sadly left the Old Company and severed a long family connection with a wonderful happy and well run company. The writing was on the wall already by then and it was out to Australia for me and a new life. The training and experience gained in the years I Keep up the good work with this web page, it is wonderful to be able to touch base after all these long years.


I am looking for a passenger list from the ship Rangitata that has a passenger named Maureen Woolard, sailing from Wellington to Pitcairn on board October 27th ????. can you help me or tell me where to go to find such information? thank you for your help and attention. Dr. Garner Scott Odell

Shirley Moat,  i am trying to find information about the union steamship co of nz. my grandfather was a musician and plied his craft on these vessels. of   particular interest are the ships which went to Rarotonga about 1907-08, it was here that his little girl aged about 2 died and was buried there. i have just come back from Rarotonga couldn't find anything as their records only go back to 1917 due to the burning down of the court house! while waiting at the airport to come home i read a local paper which contained an article about tamarind house built for the union steamship co about 1907-1908, immediately i felt this was the place where my grandfather and grandmother were staying and maybe where this little girl is buried. the people in question are walter morton smith ans dulcie dagmar smith and their daughter was hinemoa. any information or advice would be greatly appreciated



John Hill I would like to locate two Cadets who sailed with me on the Cadetship DURHAM 1957-1961,CEDRIC(ALBERT)ABBOTT and DAVE MOORWOOD does anyone know their whereabouts

My dad is Joe Gibson who worked as a carpenter on the 'Otaki" a NZ Shipping Company vessel traveling between the UK and Auckland NZ. In about July 1971 he met my mum, who never told him about me. Can you give me any information on how I can go about finding him. I've called customs for a crew list but that didn’t work, I have also tried NZ immigration who haven't returned my emails, so any help would be much appreciated. I thought I could find his seamen records and found your site but the links wouldn’t work, and i'm sure it wouldn’t give me an address or next of kin etc, im not sure of your privacy laws either, but if you could help a son find his dad it would be much appreciated Regards Mike Allen



I'm trying to locate my dad, Joe Gibson, he worked on the Otaio (NOT the Otaki as i previously thought!) as a carpenter and was in Auckland in about july 1971. He was from Belfast. Any help to track him down would be appreciated. Mike Allen

Tony Jackson, Ruahine built 1951 grt 17850 Hinakura built 1949 grt 11272 Sussex built 1949 grt 11272 Dorset built 1949 grt 10107 Nottingham built 1950 grt 6688 Information taken from vessels' capacity plans at the rear of 'The Carriage of Cargo' - the "blue book" which I retained when I left the company in the autumn of 1963.


mike allen can anyone help me find my father. he sailed on the otaio in 1971/2 into auckland nz. his name is joe gibson from belfast and worked as the carpenter. he met my mum, who never told him about me! now 32 years later i would like to meet my biological dad and say gday, have a beer and chat about life.any help or direction on ways to locate him would be much appreciated

John Brand  I have a photo of the S.S. Orowaite wrecked 12 August 1924.Point Sal Calif. a vessel I understand was N.Z. Shipping Company. My father was an engineer aboard that ship which his photographs show. Have you any record of this ship? Also have you any knowledge of a ship called S.S.Runa sunk September 1941.

Dear All.I am desperately seeking anyone that served or was a passenger on the Rangitiki or Rangitata in 1957. I am researching an American stowaway/passenger on these ships by the name of Robert "Bob" Tomarchin who collected his pet chimpanzee from Pitcairn Island in Nov 57.I am desperate to discover any information, or speak to anyone who remembers him, even the smallest piece of info could help us. Any assistance would be so greatly appreciated. Sincerely Darran Scott


Dear All. I am desperately searching for any crew or passengers on the Rangitiki and Rangitata in 1957.I am researching the life of an American named Robert "Bob" Tomarchin that stowed away on the 'Tata to try to get to Pitcairn and was also twice on the 'Tiki as a paying passenger to get to Pitcairn to collect his pet Chimpanzee in late 1957. If ANYONE has even the smallest piece of information or may have met or sailed with Tomarchin, we would be most grateful to hear from you. I am also interested to hear from anyone who may have come across a Canadian couple named John Owen Wells and his wife Diane who sailed their yacht the 'Flying Walrus' through the Pacific and onto NZ around the same time. I hope someone out there can help with our research. Sincerely Darran Scott



Peter Williams (SWEB)

I was told by one of my relations that i could find about the arrival of our first relation to NZ on the internet. I am not too sure of the steps. I understand that the family name is O"reilly and that they arrived at Timaru on the ship OTAKI in about 1876. I would like the names of the O"reilly people on that ship and the date it arrived at Timaru. Please tell me the steps I need to take to get info. Many thanks. Bruce Mills

Maurice Weaver New_Zealand_Shipping_Passenger_Lists

Solo Quantum Vessels_of_New_Zealand_Shipping: On the 10th March 1874 a NZ Shipping Co ship the "Invererne" arrived at Napier, after leaving Gravesend on 22 Nov 1873.She was a "fine iron" ship, 743 tonnes. The Captain's name was Foreman. Previously she was called the Atalanta Banfield. She was lost on a reef near Java, after leaving Lyttelton in 1876.Other details - Official Number 3197 iron ship, one bulkhead Net tonnage 44 Gross 44 Under deck 96 L 88.5 ft, B 1.3 ft, Depth 9.2 ft Poop Deck 48 tonnes. I am interested in the actual route sailed to NZ from England if anyone can help.


Wow, you really started something with this one! One could spend a lot of time just perusing the letters you still have on the site. I am endeavouring to get some fine detail on a specific voyage of the New Zealand Shipping compay's steamer, SS Aorangi, (built Glascow 1883, Single screw, 4163 tons) Operated on the Sydney to Vancouver run. The specific voyage departed Sydney in the first week of September 1904. (Just over 100 years ago, so I am sure that there are lots of folk out there who remember that week!) Was in Honolulu by the 21st September. would there be a passenger list somewhere? Would there be other details of the voyage that I might access? Please for a novice, could anyone advise me how to access such information? Four members of the Brake family of Melbourne were on this voyage. All I know is through postcards and letters between members of the family. Any information, suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Congratulations on your efforts, and keep up the good work. Best wishes from Malaysia, a good sailing destination, but DON'T carry firearms! Cheers, Graham


Have found my late fathers papers discharging him the Rangitata, voyages 35 & 36 and would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of where to get more information on the ship and voyages. Also, can't see on your web site the "Suffolk". I have discharge papers from that ship voyage 7 and would be grateful of some direction to where to look. regards Graham Hynie


I have just discovered this site and I find myself going down memory lane. I was a crew member on the RMS Rangitoto from March 1959 to Dec 1962. When I first joined the ship in 1959 I became one of the lift boys, My last job was Lounge Steward. When I was Officer Steward I worked with a lad called Anthony Stewart (Tony), we both joined the ship at the same time. If your out there Tony get in touch I have often wondered how you are getting on and please any one else that remembers, give us a tingle Best Regards John Temple


Hello!, and thanks for you site. I served on Tongariro (3) from 14.2.56. till 2.10.56. Before or during that time, we spent some 2/3 months having a 'refit' in Falmouth. Just a few of us were seamen. Did love and live on 'pasties.' Also played football for Falmouth (3rd division) couple of times. On sailing we loaded sugar for Wellington, and returned with Lamb, for Egypt and Greece. We were the first UK ship to transit the Suez Canal after the 56 war.One anecdote, Tongariro claimed (logged) a Jap sub sunk.However, the Admiralty would not give credit. My memory is not 100%, but do hope the above will/can be verified. I'd be most grateful if yourself, or another, has or found a photo of Tongariro, to pass on a copy to me. Thanks again Edward Campbell.



a.t.cox I have a photograph of the engine room crew on board the rms "hororata" approximately 1929



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