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Imports Into Australia 
This page was last updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 01:02:04 AM

Welcome to Australia Trade & Shipping offering a comprehensive shipping service to and from Australia to World Wide destinations, taking your product price from A$ FOB to A$ C&F

If you wish to sell your goods to Australia or obtain distributors in Australia, then use our Trade Bulletin Board or Take advertising on our radio station FM 88


Australian Bulletin Board
For the Shipping Industry

Import Costing into Australia
On-line spread sheet to assist you in your commercial costing
For those wishing to bring motor vehicles (cars, boats) scroll down this page 
until you come to Importing Motor Vehicles and use the Pricing Guide spreadsheet

Takes you to main page of Timetables in and out of Australia / NZ

Import Documentation
Pro-forma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Weight List, 
Packing Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Beneficiaries Certificate, 
Drafts & Lodgements, Forward Exchange

Shipping Documentation
Dangerous Goods Form, Delivery Instruction

Port Marks (labeling) Your Personal Goods for Shipping
The most important thing in Business is to mark your cargo ( Bookmark this page )

So you want to go ahead and book shipment
Order Placement Advice

Australian Customs Requirements

Application for Australian Customs Import Owners Code
Any commercial business importing for the first time is required to be registered
with Australian Customs, fill in and submit

Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement
When importing personal effects this 4 page PDF download is required to be filled out
in black pen and sent to us to enable us to customs clear your cargo

Australian Quarantine Requirements

Fumigation Requirements
For Entry into Australia

Fumigation Certificate
Example only for Australia

Importing Boats into Australia

Start here when it comes to importing Boats into Australia
Back ground to Australian Customs & Quarantine requirements on Duty and GST requirements

Costing spreadsheet for Importing Boats and Boats on Trailers
On-line spread sheet for costing vehicles into Australia

Importing Vehicles into Australia

Start here when it comes to Importing Vehicles into Australia
Back ground to Importing vehicles into Australia

Customs requirements in Importing Vehicles into Australia
Back ground to Australian Customs requirements on Duty and Sales tax requirements
Short version

Costing spreadsheet for Importing Vehicles
On-line spread sheet for costing vehicles into Australia

Federal Department of Infrastructure & Road Safety Vehicle Import Requirements
This is a quick ready reference for Information pertaining to importing 
a vehicle into Australia . 
Personal imports have changed from 3 months ownership to 12 months

Federal Department of Transport Import Rules
This is comprehensive reading and will sort out advantages for Personal import
as opposed to Commercial import 

Federal Department of Infrastructure Road Safety Import Permit Application
Before you bring a vehicle into Australia 
you are required to get approval from Fed Dept of infrastructure Road Safety
You can get a personal import or commercial import (4 page PDF download)

On the application it will ask for name of shipping agent and fax number
Remember to write in New Zealand Shipping company 
our fax  61 7 3290 2481 this will speed up the process by at least 7 days


Queensland Transport Yards
Transport yards as used by Australia Trade and Shipping

Container Specialised Trucks
A New Zealand invention used throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
20ft and 40ft Containers are placed on the ground (ground permitting)
This transport system makes packing / unpacking that much easier
Truck delivers, you ring back when container finished.