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Please print out. Fill in details and fax back to Australia on ( 61+7 ) 3290 2481 or Fill in details and Submit
Pro-Forma | Commercial Invoice | Packing Declaration | Packing List | Certificate of Origin
Seller / Exporter
Invoice no
Packing Declaration
Buyer /  Importer
Vessel & voyage Port of Loading Container No Letter of Credit no
Port of Discharge Country of Origin Agents Seal no Letter of Credit Expiry
Has Straw and / or cereal packing been used in the container listed
** straw and cereal packing included rice husks, straw, and similar plant materials
Has Timber packing been used in the container listed
** timber packing includes crates dunnage, pallets, skids and any other timber used as shipping aid
Is Timber packing free of BARK CONTAMINATION
*** Bark Is: the external natural layer covering trees and branches.
This material is distinct and separable from processed timber)
Interior has been cleaned and is free of material of plant and animal origin and soil
Yours faithfully
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