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Noosa Van Lines - A deeply moving experience
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  • Prepare a survival kit .. includes kettle, cups, coffee, kitchen cleaner.
  • Pack all personal papers, bank / cheque books etc in a folder and place in your car or suitcase to be carried by you.
  • Put a layer of scrunch paper in the bottom of your cartons.
  • Wrap each item individually, standing plates on edges.
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom, working up to lighter items on top. ie. Dinner set on the bottom topped up with tupperware.
  • Ensure all cartons are packed tight with a layer of scrunch on top to avoid overloading. Remember the removalist is only human.
  • Pack books, wine and heavy items in the smaller book cartons to avoid overloading, this will save time and effort.
  • Do not pack anything in garbage bags or stripped plastic bags, they split and your belongings will end up being trampled or lost.
  • Empty all drawers, filing cabinets and cupboards to avoid breaking runners etc and pack contents in appropriate cartons.
  • Mark each carton clearly on top with your name and the room you require it to be placed in upon arrival. This will save the removalist time and you effort when unpacking.
  • We are not authorised to carry fire arms, please find an alternative means of transport.
  • We will not carry dangerous goods such as paint, aerosol, poisons, fuel or flammable liquids, dispose of these or arrange alternative transportation.
  • Plants will be carried with all care but no responsibility. Place each pot in a plastic bag and the tie around the top to avoid dirt spilling onto your goods. Water the plants at least one day prior not on the day of your move. Ceramic pots generally do not travel well and have a tendency to crack.
  • Ensure all gas bottles are emptied, and fuel is drained from lawnmowers and whipper snippers.
  • Arrange for disconnection of appliances for the day prior to moving. ie. Plumber, Electrician.
  • Dismantle items for travel, ie.. self assemble furniture, garden shed, take the dryer off the wall.. etc. Clean garden tools and assemble together.
  • Run-down freezer and clean out at least the day prior to your removal. Give away frozen foods you can’t take with you.
  • Should you require storage for your goods prior to departure or on arrival please contact our office for details.
  • Advise the office of any additional items for removal. Failure to do so may result in some of your gear being left behind due to lack of space.
  • Advise the office of your insurance requirements, all insurance must be paid prior to uplift. We will not effect any insurance of your goods except on your express instructions and at your expense.
  • Advise the office and driver of any difficulty with access. Do you have stairs, can the truck get up your driveway, is it too steep, are the trees overcharging, are the power lines too low, is your street to narrow. If a ferry vehicle is required due to difficult access you will be charged, advise us to enable us to send the right truck for the job.
  • All interstate removal charges are to be paid by cash or bank cheque on or prior to delivery. Personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Notify people of your change of address. Bank, Doctor, Finance Company, Medicare, Medical Benefits Company, Clubs & Organisations, Motor Registration Board, Electrical Office, Accountant, Insurance Companies, Schools, Magazines and Other Subscriptions .. etc
  • Redirect your mail at the Post Office. Cancel your paper delivery, return library books. Pick up dry – cleaning.
  • Arrange for final readings and disconnection of Telephone, Electricity, Gas and Water.
  • Last minute check that nothing is left behind, check gas & power are turned off at the meter / mains. Lock all windows and doors, surrender the house keys to new owner, solicitor or caretaker / agent.
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