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Car Ships Timetables
Exports to New Zealand
This page was last updated on Sunday, 01 December 2013 09:29:49 PM

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Along with ports in Australia where you have to drop off vehicles

please note we have moved the car ship timetables (click here to go to our new URL link page) so if this page is not current just click through on the new URL link

Australia to New Zealand

Australia (North to South Route) to New Zealand
Vessel & Voyage Brisbane Sydney* Melbourne Auckland Lyttelton Wellington Nelson
NZ Ship 5 v 70N 19 Nov 21 Nov 23 Nov 27 Nov 29 Nov 1 Dec 1 Dec
NZ Ship 6 v 67N 4 Dec 6 Dec 8 Dec 12 Dec 14 Dec 16 Dec 20 Dec
NZ Ship 7 v 67N 17 Dec 19 Dec 21 Dec 27 Dec 29 Dec 31 Dec No call
NZ Ship 5 v 71N 2 Jan 4 Jan 6 Jan 10 Jan 12 Jan 14 Jan 14 Jan
NZ Ship 6 v 68N 28 Jan 30 Jan 1 Feb 5 Feb 7 Feb 9 Feb 9 Feb
NZ Ship 7 v 68N 12 Feb 14 Feb 16 Feb 20 Feb 22 Feb 24 Feb 24 Feb

* Sydney is now serviced by Port Kembla Car Terminal



Singapore & Australia (West to East Coast) to New Zealand
Vessel & Voyage Singapore Fre Ade Mel Syd* Bne Akl Wel Lyttelton Nelson
ATS Ship v 061 23 Nov 29 Nov 4 Dec 6 Dec 8 Dec - 13 Dec 18 Dec 19 Dec 20 Dec
ATS Ship v 047 3 Dec 10 Dec 15 Dec 17 Dec 19 Dec 21 Dec 27 Dec 29 Dec 30 Dec 31 Dec
ATS Ship v 037 13 Dec 20 Dec 25 Dec 27 Dec 29 Dec 31 Dec - - - -
ATS Ship v 047 23 Dec 30 Dec 4 Jan 6 Jan 8 Jan - 12 Jan 19 Jan 20 Jan 21 Jan
ATS Ship v 017 3 Jan 10 Jan 15 Jan 17 Jan 19 Jan 21 Jan 26 Jan 28 Jan 29 Jan 30 Jan

* Sydney  is now serviced by Port Kembla Car Terminal

All our Wellington and Lyttelton (Christchurch) cargo is serviced from Auckland on a local feeder vessel.


You are given three (3) working days between the hours of 7 am and  2 pm (morning shift only) to deliver your vehicle, boat on trailer, caravan, motor home, trailer, prime mover to the car ship terminal ... the last day for delivery is the day before vessel arrives.

Scheduling of port calls is never set in stone and we recommend you make booking 
and wait for confirmation before proceeding with your personal travel plans. 


Contact: Australia Trade and Shipping
Phone Numbers  
Sydney    (02) 9086 9090 Melbourne (03) 8804 1700
Adelaide  (08) 8463 1800 Perth        (08) 6364 3888
Brisbane  (07) 3808 1200 ***  
Head Office Phone *** Fax
(07) 3808 1200 (07) 3290 2481
ISD Email
61 + 7


Ships from Australia to NZ call at these wharves
Port Stevedoring Cut off times
Port Kembla AAT Port Kembla
Yampi Way (off Tom Thumb Road)
Port Kembla, NSW 2505

Patricks Webb Dock East
Dockside Road
Port Melbourne

Mon - Fri
7:00 am to 2:00 pm
Melbourne Patricks Webb Dock
Berth 3 - 5
Williamstown Road
Port Melbourne 3207
Mon - Fri
Ro/Ro & Breakbulk 3.00pm

Fishermans Is

Berth 3, Fisherman Island Port Drive 
Fisherman Islands
Mon – Fri
Ro/Ro & Breakbulk 2.00pm
Adelaide Outer Harbour,
Oliver Rogers Rd
North Haven S.A
Fremantle P&O Ports
Port Beach Road and or Victoria Quay
North Fremantle
Mon – Fri
Ro/Ro & Breakbulk 2.00pm
Auckland Jellicoe (JA Berth) All Cargo
Mon - Fri 4.00 pm
Sat - 12 .00


On-line quote form

You need to answer these questions, by doing so you have helped us to help you:

Your Name
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Phone number

Shipment  (where from to where)

Port of loading  

Port of discharge

Address and post code
where vehicle is currently located
Address at destination
include state and country
Volume (how many)
Make & model of unit
Year built        
Total cubic  
What is the commercial value of the goods
The next section is for those taking vehicles, boats on trailers etc, into New Zealand and relate to Import rules and Duty / GST (if applicable)
Whose name is shown as owning the vehicle
What nationality are you or they
How much was paid for vehicle  
What day / month / year was vehicle purchased
Has the car been in your possession and use for more than 12 months
Are you travelling under a Carnet De Passage
Date you wish to deliver
No marine insurance included however if you provide value we can quote you
Do you wish to take out marine insurance
Please provide value of your goods
What currency are you using
Click to our insurance main page for terms and conditions
How did you find us
Email *
* You are required to put in your name and email address, 
then click submit for your details to come back to us.

Or you can send this quotation
by fax (+617) 3290 2481
or post to
Australian Trade and Shipping
PO Box 732 Springwood
QLD 4127