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Specialised 20ft and 40ft Container Transport

In Australia and New Zealand we use a specialised container truck invented in New Zealand that places 20ft or 40ft containers on the ground. 
The container comes off the drivers side and for ease of packing we can have the container placed on our trucks at the container park with the container doors at the rear of the truck or the front of the truck 
If fact this transportation system is so good because the truck delivers the container and moves on to its next job, when you are ready which might be in 4 hours time or it might even be next week, you give us a call and the truck comes back and picks up the container. 
So next time you have a truck sitting in your dock, ask yourself how much are you paying in detention or demurrage or waiting time.
And another question to ask your self, with this system there is no need to panic getting labour to meet the truck, or have your labour sit around waiting for a truck, simply make the phone call and get the container brought in to your yard and placed on the ground and then order your labour.
What specifications do we need:

No shrubs, trees, power poles at the placement of container just watch out for low power cables and if you want us to put container outside on the council strip (between your front boundary fence and the kerb of road) make sure there is no medium strip dividing the road.


We need a minimum of 24 feet in width where the container comes off:
That's 8ft /or 2.4 m for the truck, 8ft /or 2.4 m for the container and 4ft / or 1.2 m either side of the truck for the lifting legs to stabilize the truck when the container is lifted on / off.
From the rear of the trailer back to the container there is 10ft / 3 m which houses the rear lifting arm plus generator to power the legs and the front and rear lifting arms.
These specialised trucks can transport 20ft and 40ft containers and for those interested in its weight lifting capacity try a legitimate 24 metric tonne rated gross 20ft container (that's cargo weight plus container tare) in fact they can go higher for those who have road transport permits.
We have a series of photo's for you to see, in fact there is an interesting photo of a trombone trailer, this where the trailer can be configured from 20ft to 40ft carrying capacity. You will also see that this truck can stack containers on top of each other and also take a container off another truck or rail wagon if required.

Fantastic transport system:

If you want to utilise this method of transport simply fill and submit

Your name
Address of packing point
Suburb, State, Post code
Likely cubic measurement
Likely weight
Standing on the road looking at your house is the driveway  on the  
Do you want container doors  at the   of the truck
Port of loading
Port of discharge
Estimated date for shipment
If you want to buy one of these trailers just fill in the comments and tell us your requirements.
You are required to put in your name and email address, 
then click submit for your details to come back to us
Name:    Email :

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