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Tourist Bulletin Board
This page was last updated on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 12:10:52 AM
Trade Bulletin Board ! Shipping Bulletin Board !

This site brought to you by Radio FM 88 Tourist Network ! " Bookmark this Site "

This Australian Tourist Bulletin Board is a forum for giving Tips to other travellers


Travel Tip

25th November 08 We are often asked if our Ships take passengers. The answer is no, the only organisation we are aware of that does is

None of our vessels take passengers. The only organisation we are aware of that does is Freighter Travel based in Sydney.

Their phone number is  (02) 9250 9320

and their web site is

Best Regards Andrew Lawrence

25th November 08 From Jeff's Extensive travels he has found Travelex to be a less clumsy alternative to Travelers Cheques. You are given a plastic card rather than paper notes so you are less prone to accidents.


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