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Welcome to Australian Trade & Shipping & New Zealand Shipping & Australia Trade Marine Insurance offering a shipping, customs & marine insurance service for commercial and personal effects shippers to and from Newcastle.

Newcastle is located 1&1/2 hours drive North of Sydney.

The Port of Newcastle is Australia's first port, Coal was first exported from the harbour in 1799, 11 years after the start of European settlement in Australia. Over 70 million tonnes of coal a year is shipped through Newcastle making it the largest coal exporting port in the world.

The Port of Newcastle welcomes almost 1500 ships a year. Pilotage is compulsory in the Port of Newcastle. A helicopter is used to deliver/retrieve the pilot to around 80% of the shipping movements. A pilot cutter is used for the remainder of the movements. The Pilots of the port of Newcastle operate from the pilot station located on the southern foreshore of the port just inside the port entrance.

All 20ft & 40ft full containers and share a container (small freight) are shipped out of Sydney.


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