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The first step in exporting full containers out of Australia is to get an Australian Customs CCID number.

If you have an ABN (Australian Business Number) that's great we can link it with Australian Customs so it performs two roles: One with the ATO (Australian Tax Office) and the other with Australian Customs as the CCID.

With your new found CCID we then proceed to the all new electronic export customs clearance system and obtain your CAN (Customs Authority Number)

Once the CAN comes through we then jump onto the electronic pre-receival system and gain access onto the nominated wharf before the transport company leaves the exporters / suppliers premises thereby reducing transport demurrage (waiting time) at the Australian wharf.

This whole process will take 48 to 72 hours, longer if weekend or public holidays thrown in.

Are you an agent acting on behalf of owner?

Yes No

If yes, please supply your:
Name, Address and Contact phone:

Owners name, address and contact phone
(FYI: Agents you need to put in the owner details not yours)

Owners ABN, if they have one

Shipping companies booking reference

Name of vessel and voyage

Vessels lloyds number

Sailing date

Wharf receival dates and cut off time

Stevedores name and berth / wharf

Stevedores name

Where from(name port of loading)

Where to(name port of discharge)

Commodity (full description)

Value of Goods

What currency are you selling

Volume (how many items / packages)

Container Number

Container Code (found on container under the container number)

Seal Number

Any idea of gross weight

Date you wish to deliver to wharf


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* You are required to put in your name and email address, then click submit for your details to come back to us

We provide this as a user pay service for one off shipments or casual shippers.

Please feel free to contact us at Australia Trade & Shipping.

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