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My sincere thanks to Len Chapman (mealone(at) for his time in putting this table of contents together. Jeffrey Shaw

Editor's Comments

I am getting more requests for Passenger Lists so that people can complete their family trees. My objective when I set up "The History of New Zealand Shipping" was to concentrate on the anecdotal stories that really give you a buzz when you read them. Providing detailed information on Passenger Lists is not in line with my objective. However I appreciate this website may attract people looking for information on NZSCo Passengers. To help those people, I am providing this page of information on locating Passenger Lists. 

UK Records

All ships carrying passengers in or out of any British port were required by law to lodge a passenger list with the relevant port authorities. Records for ship passengers travelling between 1890 and 1960 are available in the UK Board of Trade's collection of original passenger lists. 
These can be seen at the Public Record Office in Kew, England. 
More information is available at
After 1960, UK Passenger Lists do not exist, primarily because of increasing air travel.

The Reality

Passenger Lists exist as paper documents, hand written or typed, and stored in boxes. With the passage of time these documents are fragile and require careful handling. Any research will therefore be time consuming. Few of these Passenger Lists have been transcribed into accessible Databases. There are Volunteer Organisations carrying out this work. More information can be found at
The reality is locating your family and friends on NZSCo Passenger Lists will require time, effort, expertise and, maybe even cost if you employ professional researchers.


Where to start? The UK Public Records Office ( ) if your relation travelled before 1960. A better option may be the National Archives in New Zealand
Archives New Zealand Head Office Wellington holds passenger lists for nearly all ships arriving in New Zealand for the period 1883-1973. On arrival in New Zealand, ships handed formal Passenger Lists to a customs officer. The Social Security Department used these Passenger Lists to check people's eligibility for old age pensions. They are referred to as the Social Security passenger lists.
Another source could be the Library in Christchurch NZ, who also maintain Passenger Lists

Passenger Lists

There are a number of sites dedicated to researching Passenger Lists. 
These are some (but by no means all) of them...

Crew Lists

If you are trying to trace ship's crew then UK Public Records Office in Kew, London is the place to start
Further information is available at,CrewLists.html


All the above information is readily available on the WWW. I do not have any expertise in Genealogy and I do not have access to any Passenger List Records! 

Please feel free to pass thany information on you may have, Thank You

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