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This page is brought to you by Australian Trade & Shipping in the interests of people who intend to Import cargo into Australia from any of our 800 ports worldwide (New Zealand, USA, Europe, UK, Pacific Islands, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub Continent etc )

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Your address:

Your country:

Your phone number:

Name of person at destination:

Destination street address:

Destination country:


Port of loading:

Port of discharge:

Number of containers:

Volume: (Size)



No marine insurance included however if you provide value we can quote you

Do you wish to take out marine insurance

Yes: No:

please provide value of your container load

What currency are you using

Click to our insurance main page for terms and conditions.

Thank you for answering those questions

Container transport of empty container to your premises:
  • Container placed on ground (ground permitting)
  • You pack container
  • Container transport of full container from premises to wharf
  • Port charges upon departure
  • Ocean Freight wharf to wharf
  • Port charges upon arrival
  • Ph / Fax / Tolls,
  • Shipping Documents
  • Cartage from wharf to bond store
  • Shipping delivery order
  • Tailgate Inspections
  • Agency Charges
  • Customs Clearance & Quarantine Clearance
  • Cart from bond store to premises
  • Put container on ground (ground permitting)
  • Or leave on truck for 3 hours
  • You unpack container
  • Pick up empty container from premises to container park
  • Upon arrival at the (Quarantine)
  • Tailgate inspection

If they state they want container:

  1. Fumigated

  2. Steam cleaned

  3. Unpacked this will be to your account as will any re-inspections charges and or delivery to residence from bond store.

Documentation required from you by our overseas agent:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Packing declaration
  • Certificate of origin
  • Photo copy of your passport (face page only)
  • Name, address and phone number of overseas address

The Importer will be responsible for:

  • Container transport from wharf to bond store
  • Unpacking of 20ft container
  • Shipping delivery order
  • Customs Clearance
  • Quarantine Clearance
  • Bond storage (if applicable)
  • Duties and GST/ Vat (if applicable)
  • Fumigation or Steam Cleaning (if applicable)
  • Cartage home

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