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Packing List for House Hold & Personal Effects

In order to clear your cargo at the port of entry
Packing lists are required by Customs
After using the Cubic Formula.....
Downloadable as Cubic formula (PDF) and Cubic formula (Word) Documents

Next use the Packing Lists
Downloadable as Packing list (PDF) and Packing list (Word) Documents

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Outside Living
Inside Living

Or you can use our  General Packing List
Downloadable as Packing list template (PDF) and Packing list template(Word) Documents

very simple, easy to use Cubic Formula's for House Hold & Personal Effects
4 page download gives you the cubic metres for all your goods,
So whether its inside / outside these pages will assist you to
become a de - facto removalist

What's a Cubic Metre
Shipping companies work on 1 cubic metre or 1000 kgs whatever the greater,
this is a quick reference to what is a 1 cbm

Port Marks (labeling) Your Personal Goods for Shipping
The most important thing in Business is to mark your cargo ( Bookmark this page )

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