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Welcome to Australian Trade & Shipping & New Zealand Shipping & Australia Trade Marine Insurance offering a shipping, customs & marine insurance service for commercial and personal effects shippers to and from Dampier.

The port of Dampier is more known for bulk commodities such as Iron Ore, Ammonium nitrate,


There are 5 shipping hubs. Dampier Cargo wharf; Rio Tinto (East Intercourse Island & Parker Point) Dampier Salt (East Mid Intercourse Island): Woodside Energy LNG at Withnell Bay & King Bay; Mermaid Marine Supply


There is no container or share a container service what so ever consequently all 20ft & 40ft full containers and share a container and car ship cargoes (also known as drive on/off or roll on /off) for cars, 4WD's, utes, vans, campers, caravans, motor homes, tractors, earth moving equipment, prime movers, mobile cranes, boats on trailers go from Fremantle. (Perth)

The Port of Dampier offers direct access onto the Indian Ocean. Dampier Cargo wharf is a barge break bulk & general cargo berth it would require ships cranes and or mobile shore crane to work containers.
the wharf decking can handle 3.5 mt to 4 mt/per cbm approximate 300 mt
(entrance: end of Mof Rd, Barrup Penisula)

Perth Office

Sustainable Ave
Bibra Lake

Phone +61 8 6364 3888

Brisbane Office
5 Bates St
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Mailing address

PO Box 732
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Fax  +61 7 3290 2481 


Email: info(at)

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Hours Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm

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Ro Ro Service (for vehicles)
Pricing and Details for our Roll on Roll off Service for Cars, Trucks, Motor homes, Buses, Trucks and boats on trailers.

Marine Insurance
Commodity codes, premium rates, On-line proposal form

Port Marks ( labelling ) Your Personal Goods for Shipping
The most important thing in Business is to mark your cargo 
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What Happens When Your Cargo Arrives at the Port of Discharge
From Arrival Notices to Delivery Orders to Customs Clearance, 
a very handy reference to Importing good

Delivery Instruction Form
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History of New Zealand Shipping 

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Shipping Price for Share a Container
Customers to Prime Ports World Wide

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Includes Transit Times For Share a Container Customers

Container Sizes & Container Sales 
20ft  /  40ft  Dry Vans / Open Tops / Flat Racks /  Refrigerated
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Shipping / Customs Agent Wanted World Wide
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Container Transport Yards
In Queensland used by Australia Trade and Shipping

Conditions of Carriage
Terms & Conditions for  Shipping

Container Codes
Guide to Shipping Company container prefix

Australian Trade & Shipping can move your cargo from Home or Warehouse through the Port of Adelaide to New Zealand Pacific Is, USA, Canada, Asia, UK, Europe Mediterranean, Africa, Indian sub continent so whether you have Cars, Personal effects, Freight all kinds U can pack or We can pack Container, Share a container, Drive on / off Sea freight, Transport, Documentation Insurance, Customs Clearance, Storage Export Agents - Consultations - Showroom Yes ... we even sell Shipping Containers phone Australian Trade & Shipping Today  in Brisbane.

Please feel free to contact us at Australia Trade & Shipping.

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I wish a safe and prosperous journey for you and your loved ones.