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Shipping Commercial Goods

Welcome to Australia Trade & Shipping inconjuction with New Zealand Shipping

Commercial Goods

We offer a range of Import and Export options for Commercial Cargo. Break Bulk, Less than a Contaner Load (Lcl) ,Full Container Load (Fcl), Car Containers and a Roll on roll of (Ro-Ro) for vehicles and boats and trailers, Earth Moving Equipment and more.
So regardless whether you wish to ship a single carton or a 40 tonne Excavator we can guide you through getting started.

We also offer a comprehensive Personal Household Effects service for excess baggage,
small house lots, full house lots, personal cars / ute's / boats.
We can even bring the container to your house where you can pack your self.
(check with us, to see if we can logistically do it, Australia's a large place)
For all Personal Effects go to the Start here for our Personal Effects page

Where do you Start

What's a Cubic Metre
Shipping companies work on 1 cubic metre or 1000 kgs whatever the greater, 
this is a quick reference to 1 cbm.

No matter what country you live in you will need a Packing List  
In order to clear your cargo at the port of entry
Packing lists are required by Customs
After using the cubic formula
Click to this page
Fill in your Packing List and print out Port Marks (labeling) Your Personal Goods for Shipping
The most important thing in Business is to mark your cargo.


If you are using 20ft / 40ft, Ro - Ro, Break-bulk, Full Container or Share a Container 
to get your cargo into Australia or New Zealand we provide Australian or New Zealand customs & quarantine clearance in the Australian ports of Brisbane / Sydney /Melbourne / Fremantle / Adelaide and the New Zealand Ports of Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Lyttelton, Timaru, Port Chalmers and Bluff
For a Quote we recommend that you use our Import Commercial Goods index page.
New Zealand Shipping Sailing to 800 World Wide Destinations !

Takes you to main page of Timetables in and out of Australia / NZ

Delivery Instructions
Before you deliver your good you need to fill in this form and print out 
then submit so we can track your cargo.

What Happens When Your Cargo Arrives at the Port of Discharge

From Arrival Notices to Delivery Orders to Customs Clearance,  a very handy reference to Importing goods

Container Specialised Trucks

A NZ invention used throughout NZ, Australia and Pacific Islands
20ft and 40ft Containers are placed on the ground (ground permitting)
This transport system makes packing / unpacking that much easier 
Truck delivers, you ring back when container finished. So you want to go ahead and send your cargo then Book Freight Import Section

  • Import Documentation
    Pro-forma invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Weight List, 
    Packing Declaration, Certificate of Origin, Beneficiaries Certificate, 
    Drafts & Lodgements, Forward Exchange

  • Shipping Documentation
    Dangerous Goods Form, Delivery Instruction, Fumigation Certificates and more

Importing Vehicles into Australia (also see customs requirements)

Australian Customs Requirements

Australian Quarantine Requirements

Export Section

Exporting Vehicles out of Australia

Please feel free to contact us at Australia Trade & Shipping.

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I wish a safe and prosperous journey for you and your loved ones.