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Japan to Australia / New Zealand
South East Asia to Australia (Nth to Sth)
South East Asia to Australia (West to East)
New Zealand to Australia 
UK / Europe to Australia / New Zealand
UK / Europe to New Zealand / Australia
USA to Australia / New Zealand
USA to New Zealand /Australia
South Africa to Australia / New Zealand

Remember to get your import permit (A$50.00 takes 28 days) before shipping vehicles, trailers, motor bikes, campers, motor homes, 5th wheelers into Australia and for second hand machinery you need to get AQIS import machinery permit (A$60.00 takes 10 days)
Make sure everything is clean before you load on board, if AQIS knock you back it will take 3 to 4 weeks before any AQIS licensed depot can get around to clean your unit, that's how much work AQIS have created. (AQIS stands for Australian Quarantine Inspection Service this a Australian Federal Government department)
And Import permit for anything that has air-conditioning or refrigeration
Get your marine insurance through us via our Insurance Page

Yes, we can do your customs and quarantine clearance, insurance and freight

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