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Car Ship Timetables 

On this service:
We are talking Car, 4WDs, Campers, Light trucks, Boats on trailers (under 2.2 metres in height)

Larger items such as Trucks, Excavators, Mobile Homes, Railway Locomotives
We need length x width x height and weight before we confirm acceptance

Car Ships
Export Timetables

Going Out of Australia

Car Ships
Import Timetables

Coming Into Australia

Photos relating to Car Ships
What do these ships look like?

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Every Country Looks after their own Exports.

When picking up freight from our Australian bond stores or Australian wharves you are required to have our delivery order and the quarantine final release with you or your nominated pickup person.

Please email info(at) for delivery order and depots address.

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I wish a safe and prosperous journey for you and your loved ones.