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We have strategically placed our bond stores throughout England. This will save you time in the traffic and reduce your fuel bill. Our UK agent is based in Birmingham (It's the central hub for M6, M5 and M1) Depots:  West London (Slough), East London (Basildon), Birmingham, Manchester 


Ships sail every week

Takes 30 days

Takes 30 days

Takes 32 days

Takes 33 days

Takes 36 days

Regional depots close every Tuesday
Basildon bond store closes Wednesday
Containers packed Thursday
Containers delivered to wharf every Friday
Ship sails over the weekend

For Lovers of Rugby League (in the north)

Our drop off depot (provided it's all packed & labelled) is in Manchester 
If you require crating we have a depot in Liverpool in the Bootle Docks precinct 
(and it's next to a pub) that will crate and cart to our London West (Basildon depot)

For all the Aussies and Kiwis living in Earls Court/ Marble Arch/ Notting Hill and those of you who use the M4/ M3/ M5 to get to London

We have our depot at Slough(West of London) so you can deliver your goods (provided it's all packed & labelled) and do a runner to Heathrow Airport (this will save you driving through London to our main depot at Basildon (London East) and copping the congestion tax or getting on the M25 car park.

For those who are coming from Kent

(Ashfield International) Dover and Folkestone Ports using M20 or A2/M2 you have a choice of London West (Slough) or slip across the Dartford Tunnel / QE2 Bridge on the M25 and take the A127 East to Basildon / Southend on Sea to our main depot at London East (Basildon)

For those in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, The Brecks who use the M11/ A130

 We have our depot at Basildon (East London) which is our main depot for packing and unpacking containers due to its proximity to Tilbury and Felixstowe docks.

If you require crating we have a second depot in Basildon  that will crate and cart to our main depot

From the Midlands where you use the M6/ M6 toll road/ M42/ M5/ M54/ A38

We have our drop off depot at Birmingham (provided it's all packed & labelled) 

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Every Country Looks after their own Exports.

When picking up freight from our Australian bond stores or Australian wharves you are required to have our delivery order and the quarantine final release with you or your nominated pickup person.

Please email info(at) for delivery order and depots address.

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I wish a safe and prosperous journey for you and your loved ones.