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3000 in Queensland

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Welcome to Australia, and our way of life
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Visit Australia go to 
Queensland Government Sunlover Holiday Packages
Over 3000 exciting idea's from Australia's Number 1
Holiday State, inspect for your self and witness first hand
all your available options, from 

PLUS for peace of mind your On-Line Booking 
and inquiries from this Computer goes direct to the 
experts at the Queensland Government Tourist Office !
Look for our brand names FM 88 &

Air Travel
Covers international passenger flights in and out of Australia
(focus on Brisbane / Cairns) airports, airlines, aircraft and timetables

   * Airport codes
    * Airline codes
    * Aircraft codes

Sea Travel
Covers International shipping movements for Freight in and out of Australia
(Ports include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth)
This is for Tourists who have small freight or who wish to migrate
and bring their Personal and Household Goods to Australia

Tourist Agents
If you wish to register to be a tourist agent please fill out this form.

Photos of Brisbane
A collection of photos taken around Brisbane by Jeffrey Shaw.
Lang Park, Southbank and City views

Radio FM 88 Network (Australia's Information Radio for Travellers)
Over 850 x FM 88 stations.
Theirs One near you


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