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The following is a list of possible PDF and word templates and forms you may need.

There is also links to other Customs and Quarantine pages.

Personal Effects Customs
Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement PDF

The following are templates that may be used for assisting you with your importing of equipment etc

They are available in word and/or PDF format

Cleaning certificate template (word)

Degas certificate template (word)

New or Unused Declaration (word)

AQIS Fumigation Declaration PDF

DAFF Agricultural Products Import Permit PDF

Mosquito declaration for new tyres (Quarantine)
191212.pdf (word Doc)

Rural delivery template (Quarantine)
PDF or Word

Australian Marine Safety Authority
Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form
(AMSA250 158013.pdf)


Also please feel free to go to the following web site for up to date information.

Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport
You may choose to visit this site and check that you have the latest forms.

Customs Brokers Australia

Application for Australian Customs Owners Code, For First Time Importers

Australian Customs Offices

Please feel free to contact us at Australia Trade & Shipping.

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