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       Welcome to Australia Travel
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Australia Travel Bulletin Board
Your On-Line forum for giving Tips to other travellers

Book a Queensland Holiday with Sunlovers

Australia Trade Bulletin Board
Import / Export Opportunities within Australia
Overseas companies can take out advertising on this Trade board to introduce themselves to Australians and or Overseas operators

What Airlines Fly into Australia
Name of Airlines and Airline Codes

We go to these World Wide Destinations
Airport destinations and Airport codes

What Aircraft Configuration Fly into Australia
Advises manufacturer, aircraft type and seat capacity

Excess Baggage Remember to Use
Australian Trade & Shipping or New Zealand Shipping
go to Contact Us page for local phone numbers
Sea freight the cheapest and effective way of getting your goods home
Use Delivery Instruction Form
The On Line consignment note Simply Fill-in
Print out, and hand over to Transport company
then click Submit button so we can track your cargo

Marine Insurance
To insure your prized goods click Marine Insurance for
Commodity codes, premium rates, On-line proposal form

Trade Terms
How Shipping and Airlines get involved in
Quoting for Importing / Exporting your goods

Port Marks ( labelling ) Your Personal Goods for Shipping
The most important thing in travelling is to mark your goods
( Bookmark this page )

What Happens When Your Cargo Arrives at the Port of Discharge
From Arrival Notices to Delivery Orders to Customs Clearance,
a very handy reference to Importing good

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